Just a video that’s making the rounds that I really enjoyed. A good lesson for us all…

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  1. @ 3ring. How wonderful to see you here. I need to stop by the old message board to say hi to you and the old gang.@ wandering. I LOVE IT! I’m sure I can come up with something for that. Thanks for the scoop.

  2. Just so you know, you made more than just MY day. EVERYONE has missed you tons, has been wondering about you, and is so excited to see you posting.I’ve been reading your blogs. *hugs* You are so awesome! If I wasn’t straight, and a chick, I’d be so in love with you. LOL

  3. Bradley:Nice post, I enjoyed the video link. So you’re looking for something to write about? Please give some consideration to writing about this story. I knew hospitals were like this, I would have signed myself up a long time ago! Where are these nurses when you really need them?

  4. This video is very touching. I love it. Will be dropping by your blog regularly hope you dont mind. ;p

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