Writer’s Block

Since I started this amazing blog 4 months ago, I have benefited the blogosphere with my incedible wit and wisdom. The past couple of weeks, however, have not been so easy. It seems I have writer’s block.

Previously my pen flowed across the page like a crystal spring flowing down a mountain. Now I find it’s more like trying to get the stream to flow uphill. Thankfully I do love it and that makes it still fun. BTW, I do actually write my posts on paper before typing it. Call me old fashioned.

Am I being silly or is it possible that major changes in my brain chemistry is affecting my ability to think? Of course it can. Given all the natural changes that can occur, in addition to my recent drug changes, it’s amazing I can get out of bed in the mornings. That’s why I’m not beating myself up over this. It’s just damn frustrating.

Being a person with bipolar disorder, the inability to concentrate is not foreign to me. Picture my brain is cauliflower. When I attempt to concentrate, I can do so for a short while but suddenly it will be like someone reaching in my head and ripping all the stalks apart. It feels that way and is actually painful. I know, nice visual, huh? Sorry, but that’s the visual I get. BTW, Cauliflower is delicious when dipped in Thousand Island dressing.

I feel like the trend is waining. At least I hope it is. If not, you may be seeing many more of my absurd little cartoons popping up. I hope that doesn’t cause my readers to go running in droves. You all have stuck by me through many different moods, so I guess you’ll be there if I shower you with badly drawn cartoons.

For those who don’t get it, that last sentence was to show gratitude to my readers, new and old. It’s been a wild ride with you all and I hope it gets wilder and more fun.

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  1. We ALL go through those writer’s block moments due to that being normal or from our mental illness.BTW, I love cauliflower analogy. It prefectly describes how I feel sometimes. It is also good if you steam the whole head. Then smother it with sour cream (fat free or low fat) and then sprinkle it with lots of black pepper.Take care,Clueless

  2. I go in bursts of posting, cussing, adding photos to drown out my misery session posts, then I couldn’t think for a minute how to fix my blog when I screwed up the html. I often wonder how I could possibly ever write so much, but I like to consider it all a conversation in progress. That’s why I love comments, and many times I write more about myself in my comment section than in my posts!I actually look forward to the cartoons and find them all great. Your sense of humor has taken the edge off of my day many times Bradley! thanks!PS–you’ll think of a post to write the minute you think you can’t think of one. That’s the curse of blogging! we can’t escape!

  3. Bradley, The thing that is supportive about our blogging community is that you don’t have to write any particular way for others to respond. I know I sure get writers block but I don’t worry about it. I am not a “pro” so I just write or not! I enjoyed reading your post because it lets me know how you are doing, that is an important part of blogging! I need to do more of what you did in this post. Peace, Annie

  4. me too, i write my draft on paper… lolwriter’s block? that’s for writers.

  5. Bradley,I was sure that when I was depressed, my brain was losing thousands of brain cells on an hourly basis, and that’s why I spoke more slowly and seemed to lose my “quick wit.”But even then, I always wrote my important stuff on pads on paper because I love the feel and sound of a pencil and paper!Also, I agree with Annie. It doesn’t matter “what” you write; just that you “do” write!Susan

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