Like most people on psych meds, I gained weight after taking them. I read recently that most people gain 7-14 lbs average. Once again, I have to disagree with these statistics based on my own observations. I would guesstimate that 30 – 50 lbs as the average. Unfortunately I went way beyond that. By the time my weight gain was done I peaked at 303 lbs. I had gotten so heavy that I could not walk to the supermarket across the street without stopping to catch my breath at least four times.

My doctor wanted me to get a gastro bypass surgery but I chose Weight Watchers instead and am damn glad I did.
My weight loss has gone great. I need to lose over a hundred pounds and lost 90 pounds, later I lost 90 lbs, later still I lost another 90 lbs. I’m stuck. I wish I could say I’ve plateaued, but that would be a lie. The problem has been my behavior. I’ve gone from one week of losing weight to one week of gaining weight. Back and forth, back and forth and back in forth.

Some examples are:

December 5: 213lbs
January 12: 217lbs
January 19: 213ibs
January 26: 218lbs
February 16: 212lbs
March 23: 218lbs
And finally last Saturdays weigh in I weighed 215lbs

Four months! I can’t believe this has taken four months! I just can’t seem to get passed the 90lbs drop. I’ve been so close to hitting the 100lbs loss but just can’t seem to get there. From the December 5 weigh in I should have a loss a total of 20lbs, which would put me comfortable at a total of 193lbs.

Is it self-sabotage? It could be. I don’t care what the problem is, I want to figure out the reason and stop and begin to move forward on my weight loss.

Despite my frustration with the Weight Watchers right now, I know it’s not their fault. I just need to go back to following the program like I did to lose what I have. I hope I finally learned my lesson, and will go back on track and reach that 100 pound mini goal.

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