I stepped on the scale with trepidation. I was afraid to see that once again I gained a few pounds. The bar was already at 285. When I stepped on the scale, the slider stayed flat. Didn’t budge a centimeter so I knew I was less than that – a good sign. I slowly started moving the slider to the left. Was it going to finally stop at my usual 283 or 282? Would it miss my mark of 281 again? Nope, it wasn’t 281 at all – it was two pounds lighter. I finally broke the 282 pound mark and I’m down to 279 pounds. That’s 58% of my goal. When I saw the number on the scale I practically screamed with joy, which would have scared everyone at the medical center. Of course I had to celebrate so I immediately went to Micky-D’s and ordered 3 egg McMuffins and 4 hashbrowns……………………just kidding.

24 comments on I DID IT!!!

  1. Congratulations! How great is this? I think it shows great restraint that you didn’t go to McD’s, so where else did you go to celebrate? (Just kidding.)Susan

  2. I read your post, congratulations! I like the humor at the end. Keep up the good work.

  3. Congrats! It must have felt so good to achieve that mark and reading your post has even made me feel better.If I can feel better just hearing about your success I wonder what it would feel like to achieve something similar myself? Thank you!

  4. Celebrate yourself! Do something active to keep the feel good endorphins and enjoy that you have made a commitment and stuck to it.

  5. That is absolutely fabulous!!! Congratulations!Maybe my site can help you more …. it sure did for me.www.healthescape.blogspot.comKeep it up!

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