I’m a He/She and I’m Proud of it

Saturday I was walking to the mailbox when I overheard a woman telling a story to her daughter. I’ll paraphrase the conversation:

Mother: …so she said she was going to take her wife to Catalina for the weekend.

Daughter: That’s really nice of her.

Mother: (giggling) Did you not hear me? I said she is going to take her wife.

Daughter. (Eyes opening wide) Ooooooooh. Well that’s not good.

Mother: (still giggling) Yeah, you know, she’s one of those he/she’s.

It was at this exact moment that I was passing them both and I said “You mean like me?”

I think the mother thought I was kidding around and she jokingly asked “Are you saying your a he/she?”

I looked back and said “Well not really, we’re more of a he/he.”

As I turned back to keep walking I saw her arms flit in the air and her exclaim “Oh well. “

I’m not sure if she was using the term he/she correctly, but it doesn’t matter. If two women can be called he/she’s then I can too. I’ll wear the badge proudly.

I’m proud of myself. Having not come out of the closet until I was 35, it’s still uncomfortable doing so openly with strangers. This time I didn’t bat an eye. Considering she was standing next to the pool during all this and how manic I was yesterday, the bitch is lucky she didn’t get pushed in.

I was still riding super high today and it was definitely more hypomanic. I was shaky, fidgety, irritable, snippy, etc. Nothing productive about it. Our minister is charismatic and his sermon today was outstanding but I couldn’t sit still through the damn thing. Maurice and I were like a mother and child sitting in the pew as he kept trying to get me to calm down. Maybe he should have given me some paper and crayons.

My diet was terrible today. It was potluck at the church so I said I was going to fill my little plate as high as I could so we didn’t have to eat lunch. Afterwards we picked up our niece who wanted to go for lunch so I figured ‘no problem, I’ll just have a cup of tea’. fifteen minutes later I was eating cheesy jalapeño poppers. I did well for dinner by having a delicious salad that was low in calories and fat. I wish I could say it stopped there. I was hungry all evening and had to have some peanut butter and bananas. OMG, I weigh myself again in a few days. I hope I don’t cry.

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  1. It is a shame on how many people judge others these days. It’s like you just want to yell, it is 2008 get over it. I always looked at it as, people judge and tease other people, because that person (The judger) has problems of their own.So they can not deal with their selves, so they find someone else with flaws.I too Think I have bp. The ups and downs in mood and racing thoughts. I just can not afford someone to diagnose it, and the cost of pills also. Can I list your link to your blog on my blog roll?

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