I’m Not Laughing

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Normally when I watch John Oliver’s political satire show, “Last Week Tonight,” I get lots of laughs. His most recent episode about the election of Donald Trump made me feel worse. He had some funny stuff, but none of it made me laugh. I’m glad I see my therapist and my pdoc tomorrow. This shit ain’t funny and I can tell my depression is reaching unhealthy levels.

Towards the end of the show John insists we must fight back. I feel cowardly when I say I just don’t have it in me, but I just don’t. I wish we had the money to move now. I’d be on the first plane tonight.

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    1. Yeah, no money here either. We’re looking at one or two years from now. I know that’d be the half way point of his presidency, but the damage he does will last decades.

      It’s a great episode, and there is humor in it, but he also gets serious. Unfortunately the ones who really should see it most are not likely to watch it.

  1. Bradley, the other comments here expressed how I feel so well.
    Thinking of you, and I’m hoping so much that
    the $**&^&*^ depression and anxiety aren’t so bad today!!!!

    1. It changes throughout the at, but the direction of our country is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing when I fall asleep. In between is a rollercoaster.

  2. Yeah, I never miss an episode, but I ain’t laugin either. I keep hope, but optimism is still too far a stretch for me. How we got here isn’t near as alarming as what the hell do we do now.

    1. I see a lot of people angry and scared who say they are going to fight back, but have no idea what they plan to do. I think the protests throughout the country is a good start. Unfortunately we have out of control thugs messing things up and reflecting on the protesters. I’m curious how much coverage the woman’s march on Washington will have.

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