It’s All About MEME

Yesterday I was tagged by Crighton Johin of The Guest House and ariadnek of Weird Cake. The spirits above must be looking after me because they both tagged me with the same meme and it’s kind of a fun one. The rule is that I must list six habits/quirks about myself.

Here’s my list:

  1. I bite my nails and I mean really bite them down to the quick. It’s a habit I’ve tried to shake since I was a kid.
  2. I’m a living stereotype. I’m a gay man who talks with a very pronounced lisp. When I was a kid I went to speech therapy for six years before they gave up.
  3. My mom was 39 and had six kids already when she became pregnant with me. I didn’t need to be a genius to figure out I was an oopsie baby.
  4. I’ve worked as a salesperson numerous times in the past including selling auto club memberships, water filters and burial plans. I sucked at all of them. I just wanted to talk to people not sell them shit they didn’t need.
  5. I love to dance and don’t do it nearly enough. Sometimes I’ll just dance around the house (good exercise btw)
  6. I’m a huge flirt. Doesn’t matter who you are. Male, female, gorgeous, unattractive. If we have an interaction it’s likely I’ll flirt a bit.

At this point I’m suppose to tag six people, but I’m going to break that rule as always. If you’d like to be tagged for this meme, consider yourself tagged.

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  1. Bradley – I love you đŸ™‚ I’d love to go dancing with you. Forget Bigd… take me take me.I have missed blogging and reading yours. I’m hoping to say now I’m back baby. Come see us online soon – I miss you!*SMOOCH*

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