Growing Up

I’m becoming a big boy now. Becoming balanced again after all this time is like being born again (not in the religious sense…or maybe so). Anyway, things I couldn’t do because of my crazy mind are coming back to me.

Here’s what I should get gold stars for:

1. I cleaned the kitchen again last night.

2. I’ve been showering every day and taking care of my personal hygiene.

3. I started reading a book yesterday and am almost half way through it.

4. I’m working on a website and ran into some technical difficulties, as I mentioned yesterday. After freaking out for awhile I was finally able to calm down and find solutions for the problems.

These are all HUGE steps for me and it feels good getting life in order again, though I must admit it’s damn scary. I’m trying to enjoy my new found freedom without overdoing it, but that’s a toughie because I have to keep in constant check otherwise I won’t realize when I’m pushing myself too hard.

The one thing I am missing is my ability to write funny stuff. I don’t know what’s happened but even I have become bored with my most recent posts. From my perspective it validates that being crazy or on drugs makes a person more creative. I wonder if there’s been any serious studies about that.

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  1. Congratulations Bradley….sounds like you’re doing well. I could take a page out of your book right now….lol. I’m either going insane or I’m moving in the right direction. I wish I knew for sure which one…..Now, TAG!!! Your it…see my blog for details!! 😀

  2. Bradley,I don’t think that medication prevents a person from writing funny stuff. But I do think we change–dependent upon what’s going on in our lives.You may be using your creative side–which produces the funny stuff–to work on the design projects (which aren’t funny but require a lot of creativity).Just a thought…Susan

  3. Good morning Bradley. Don’t worry about not writing funny stuff, The huge steps accomplishments are fantastic. Often a creative dry patch is nature’s way of saying, re charge the batteries and do something else. i know it will come back soon. Probably when you least expect it.

  4. I feel too, as if my blog has gone from a funny humorous perspective of a stay at home mom trying to stay sane, to blah dark ramblings of my current gripes. Meds make me feel numb and my humor seems to be bleak….I can relate.

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