The Stare

I wish I was in a staring contest. I’m in the middle of redesigning a website and have had a major brain fart for two days now. I just stare at my screen and wonder how to do some things I should know how to do. Instead, I’m drawing complete blanks. I’m certain I’ve passed some record for going the longest time without blinking. I should invite the neighbor over with a stop watch.

I’m sure that part of my problem is having to get rebalanced on my meds since going off of them. I also think anxiety is having a lot to do with it. This is my first job in two years and I don’t want to screw anything up. There’s only a couple of items that I need to take care of and then the rest of the website will be relatively easy. Unfortunately, I can’t go on to the other things until the problems I’m having are rectified. AAARGH!

Maybe I should consider driving an ice cream truck. I wonder how much they make.

That’s it. Short and sweet today. I need to get back to my staring.

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  1. Oh Bradley~I wrote about the ice-cream guy before in my blog! Could you really handle the “Pop Goes The Weasel” or “Diddly-diddly-di-di-dee-di-di-dee-dee-di-deee-deee”?Not to mention hoards of anxious kids flocking to you, every time you stop?You so can do this job. It is terrifying to return to work after any sort of time away. It could be due to pregnancy, illness, a death or other personal reasons.Your anxiety shows how much you care about your work. Understandable, after all, it has your name on it. But step back and think about it in the bigger world.I’ve found that I worry far too much about the work I produce as a house painter. No one looks at it up close with a search-light like I do. In fact, I had to work with some one more neurotic than me, to back off!Maybe you don’t have a pet lizard, or the most sublime design at this moment. But you have a loving husband, two amazing blogs and, I think, a great sense of humour.So, chin up. I have faith in you!

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