Keith Olbermann Speaks Out

There’s nothing I can say to add to this video. Olbermann says it all:

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  1. @alan many people said the same thing during the black civil rights era. When it comes to constitutional amendments being created to restrict the rights of a specific group of people, there is no such thing as overboard.

  2. Sometimes Olbermann gets on my nerves, especially with his anti-O’Reilly rants, but in this case…he hit a Grand Slam. Good for him.

  3. I know Olberman very well..and I often find him obnoxious, but in general I agree with him…his delivery is a problem for me…In any case, yeah, I’m all over this…absolutely critical that we not stomp on the civil rights of a huge percentage of our population…I’m from CA and grew up there…I’m not living there anymore, but I cried when I heard hateful people were stopping people from loving one another legally with the same protections full citizens have…because that is the message this law sends out…gay people are not full citizens deserving of all the rights everyone else is.I don’t talk politics of this nature on my blog, but I’m with you Bradley!!

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