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guilty pleasures

A few years ago I did a post about my guilty pleasures. I looked back on that and was surprised that most of them don’t apply to me anymore. I decided it’s time to do a new list. What’s a guilty pleasure? According to Urban Dictionary, a guilty pleasure is something that you shouldn’t like, but like anyway. This list does include things I shouldn’t like, but it also includes things that are okay to like, but I obsess over. Here’s the list:

  • The Walking Dead – Sure it’s gross and not plausible, but I can’t get enough of the Walking Dead. While there’s plenty of flesh eating zombies. This ratings juggernaut focuses on the real walking dead, which are not the zombies, but those still alive who will do anything to survive.
  • Starbucks – Their Frappuccino’s are fattening, and their coffee is awful, but I go practically every day. Why? Because the hustle and bustle gets me in the right space for writing. Well, actually no. There’s too much hustle and bustle for writing, but I find it the perfect place for editing.
  • Dessert – I’ve never been a huge dessert fan, but Maurice’s love for sweets has turned me over to the dark side. We both want dessert at the end of every dinner. Frequently, we find ourselves drawn to the grocery store immediately after eating for either cake or ice cream. I usually buy the Halo Top brand which is only 250 calories for an entire pint. This compares to Ben & Jerry’s, which are about 1,000 calories per pint. Sure Halo Top doesn’t taste like Ben & Jerry’s, so sometimes I break down and have the fattening stuff. There’s just no beating it.
  • Blogging – I love blogging and it was an incredible lifesaver years ago when I had agoraphobia. Today it’s a guilty pleasure because I find sometimes I spend too much time writing my blog and reading others to the point it takes up time I’ve scheduled for writing my novel. I don’t know how to stop this dilemma because I love blogging.
  •  Bradley Cooper & Ryan Reynolds – Need I say more?
  • Chewing gum – I don’t know what happened, but a year ago I started craving gum. I chomp away like a cow chewing its cud. I go through about a pack a day.
  • Vincent Van Gogh – How is Vincent a guilty pleasure? He’s not, but I do obsess over him. I read books about him and frequently go through my books which show many of his painting ad sketches. I did buy some beautiful prints at the art museum, but can’t find them and it’s driving me crazy. I love all things Vincent.
  • Peanut butter and banana burrito – We never have regular sized bread in the house, but we do keep sandwich thins for sandwiches. They’re too small to make a decent peanut butter and banana sandwich, so I end up using low carb wheat tortillas. Just spread some peanut butter on the tortilla, slap on a whole banana and roll it all up. Hmmmm delicious.
  • This last one I took down because of the discomfort I felt about being judged. Since then I decided that I’ve always been honest on this blog, so why stop now:
    Watching Live Sex on the Net –  I’m referring to websites where you have one guy who masturbates, or two guys having sex. Some men pay a small fortune to watch these happen live online. Almost all these sites allow you to watch for a short amount of time before you have to pay. I have never paid for these sites, nor will I ever do so. Because I don’t pay I never get to see the good stuff, but I find them titillating to watch before I get locked out. Out of all the porn on the net, I don’t know why I find this so fascinating.

    There are my top ten guilty pleasures. None are as crazy as the last list I made. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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      1. Iron deficiency causes pica. Many think of it as craving ice but I’ve seen patients crave wintergreen mints, gum, baking soda, flour, etc….

        1. Interesting. This whole minty gum thing is new to me, so something I need to take note of

  1. It’s kind of funny, but I think people’s failure to address that we are all sexual beings is a lot more harmful than what we have all accepted as TMI. Sometimes I want to write some pretty racy stuff but I know that people I know and are a little prudish about those types of things are regular readers. Good for you for owning it.

    1. I’ve been pretty frank regardless of what it is, including sex. I’ve shared many times before about having sex with guys when I was homeless to get a roof over my head. I don’t know why, but admitting to watching porn was more difficult than that. I think it’s just my issue because many would find it pathetic. I will definitely own it.

      1. I don’t really watch porn but consume erotica by the truckload and am sex positive as all get-out. I think our society’s suppression of human sexuality is doing us immeasurable harm.

  2. Those are some interesting guilty pleasures. My is playing stupid games on my smart phone while watching “The Peoples’ Court” re-runs on You-tube. Oh yeah, and there are a few Britney Spears songs I like. In the past there was Netflix – “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad” I’ve watched both series twice!!! (I’m fessing up here)

    1. None too bad except watching “The Peoples Court.” Hang your head in shame young lady

  3. I really loved this post and the comments too!
    I admire your honesty in sharing your guilty pleasures so much! It would have been so easy for you to say, awwww, forget about that one because readers might judge me, blah blah blah, but you had the guts to move past that and be your authentic self. I must admit, I was curious to check out the porn one, especially since I’ma cheapskate & like the free preview option! 😉

    p.s. thanks a million for the shout-out! It really made me feel great!
    My past two days were really good, both with my food & with exercise, but when the evenings struck I binged again on my nemesis: cookie dough. (I simply can’t have it on the house – my girls bought it with their Dad)

    I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but today is another day. Wish me luck! XoXo

    1. I’m always wishing you luck. I could never have cookie dough in the house. My motto is “Why waste a perfectly good cookie by cooking it.”

      Thanks for your feedback about the porn thing. I think I was in a bad space when I took it down

      1. The answer is that I simply can’t have the cookie dough here no matter what; I “came out” to my kids just now, and they support me! I hear you on the porn thing and I know how it is when you’re in a certain mindset and make decisions based on that. I think you made the right decision and that many readers will be inspired by your honesty and guts!

  4. I Love your list, Bradley! 🙂
    I’ll be trying the peanut butter banana burrito soon!
    One of my guilty pleasures is eating junk food and drinking beer while watching a movie when my kids are with their dad 🙂 (I also do it when they are here but I hate sharing my junk food 😀 )

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