Weekly Wrap-Up August 1, 2016

weekly wrap-up


I had a wonderful week again. I could be wrong, but I think it’s been two months now that I’ve had no manic or depressive incidents. I had an appointment with my pdoc on Friday and he was excited that I’ve been doing so well. However, when I told him that there was a voice in the back of my head that is telling me to get a job, he busted out laughing which made me laugh too.

After our laugh he did ask me seriously what I thought I would do. I told him I’d go to Vocational Rehab and take one of their tests to determine what jobs are a good fit and go from there. I also told him that in the past they were more than happy to send me to a school to train to be a web designer. I already am self-taught and have a pretty good hold on HTML coding, etc. We agreed it was something to keep in mind and will revisit sometime down the road. Not yet, though. I’ll be interested to see what my therapist says. I have an appointment with him this week.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on July 23 – 256.0
Weight on July 30 – 255.6
Total loss = 0.4 lbs.

Not a big drop in weight this week, but it’s still a drop. I’ve lost 9.8 lbs. total for July and 6.0 lbs. is my monthly goal, so I am ecstatic.

Walking the 5 miles to the library each day to write has helped a lot, plus on 2 days I walked home with Maurice, which gave put me over 10 miles each of those 2 days.

I attend Weight Watchers, and love it, but I also get wonderful encouragement from my friend Dyane, whose excellent blog is “Birth of a New Brain“. Dyane and I support each other through the Lose It! Website. Working with Dyane has been extremely positive in helping me reach my weight loss goals. If you’d like to join us, you can follow the link over to Dyane’s blog and leave a message in one of her comment sections, or you can also sign up for free at www.loseit.com and search for the “Wondrous Writers” group. We’d love to have more join us.


I’m glad my sermon is over and done with. I had a wonderful time writing it, despite it taking way too long to write. I was very obsessed about it and it should have been done in a couple of days rather than several weeks. If you haven’t checked it out, you can do so here.

This week I did get back to writing and found it a very difficult bicycle to get back up on. I decided to give up writing new stuff and stuck with doing some editing. That helped me get back in the groove and back at it again. Not as much written as I’d like, but I’m heading in the right direction.


Mood – good. Weight – good. Writing – good. All together it was more than good. It really was a fantastic week; I hope they keep coming.

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    1. Have fun on Jury Duty. I’m fortunate that the last time I was selected the case was thrown out of court the next day.

  1. Hey Bradley, I am so happy things are going really great for you. You work damn hard and it shows. Don’t get too caught up with the weight thing – it is about being healthy xx

    1. Thank you, Daisy. Just being a little obsessive about the weight right now so I can get below a certain level. I’ve learned the hard way it’s not a good idea to lose too fast

  2. I am very happy for you that things are going well for you on all fronts. You’ve been dedicated and have stayed focused, which is not always an easy task. I hope you remain episode free, you’ve worked hard for it. Happy writing.

    1. It is wonderful. Naturally having bipolar I keep waiting for the worst to happen, but I’ve been mostly focusing on the positive I’m going through right now. That’s new behavior for me.

  3. I’m impressed with your walking five miles in the heat! Well, or do you live where it’s not hot? Anyway, I walk daily with my dog and about a half a mile in this heat makes me turn back around, so I’m impressed 🙂

    1. I’m in Los Angeles and yes, with the drought, we’ve been very hot for us…and extremely muggy too. I’d swear I was back in North Carolina where I grew uo

  4. I’m so tired that I wrote “thanks for the shout-out” on your Guilty Pleasures list this a.m., Bradley!
    Forgive me!
    Great post as usual, my friend! So thrilled for you and your mood and drop in weight! Wise to focus on editing for now!

    So it turned out that I was excused from jury duty late Monday afternoon, and I must say “hurrah”!
    I’d be up for serving at a different time in my life where I don’t have two young kids to care for, you know?
    I didn’t ask to be excused based on hardship; the judge, Asst. District Attorney (who was so cute and looked like he was 20; wore a sharp suit, I later learned he went to Harvard) and the Public Defender (also cute, older than the youthful A.D.A., and he wore a frumpy suit….hmmmm, was that on purpose maybe, to draw sympathy from the jury?) got their jury count before I was called for questioning.

    I’m not supposed to write about the situation, but I’ll just say —-hypothetically, of course— that the premise for our being there seemed ridiculous.

    *Hypothetically*, a woman was there, represented by the P.D., was dressed in (forgive me) trailer trash attire, complete with a ample part of her midriff showing, who ###alllegedly#### stole something from Target.

    And there was a full-on jury trial for that. !!!!!!!????????

    I’m sure more details were revealed once I left the room, but I was very baffled.
    Thanks for letting me vent about it, hypotheitcally speaking, of course!

    1. That hypothetical (cough cough) trial does seem odd before a jury. Glad you were able to get off of it.

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