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Weekly Wrap-Up January 16 , 2016

Weekly wrap-up

Mood Three weeks in a row of having no mania or depression…Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my anxiety. I was a mess. I’ll share more about my anxiety tomorrow. As I said last week, I’ve joined the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge, with my goal to read twenty-seven books in a year. […]

Weekly Wrap-Up January 9 , 2016

weekly wrap up

Mood I didn’t have a good week at all…I had a great week! Two weeks ago was good. Last week was better. Neither depression or mania reared their ugly heads, nor did I have a need for any extra anti-anxiety pills. I can’t think of one moment that I had to deal with anxiety. (at […]

Weekly Wrap Up – New Years Edition

Weekly Wrap-Up

Mood I’m deeply troubled by our President Elect I’m deeply troubled for the future of the U.S. of A. I’m deeply troubled that Maurice and I can’t afford to leave our country. I’m deeply troubled I may never finish my manuscript. I’m deeply troubled about many things, but the good news is so are millions […]

Weekly Wrap-Up December 27, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up

Because of Christmas, my Wrap-Up is a day late. I’m sure many of you were unable to sleep last night as a result. Mood Finally, a real good week! No depression, no mania, no hypomania. I did have a little anxiety a couple of days that felt like they were going to manifest into panic […]

Weekly Wrap-Up December 19, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up

Because I had the downtime while switching web hosts, I didn’t do a Wrap-Up last week, but I’ll try to piece the days together the best I can with my not so great memory. Mood I commented two weeks ago, that my depression seemed to be waning. I was wrong. The total amount of time […]

Weekly Wrap-Up December 05, 2016

weekly wrap-up

Mood I thought things would get better and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This past week was a living hell. On Tuesday I posted an article titled Trapped because that’s how I was feeling. My depression got very bad and I was feeling trapped in many ways. Primarily my feeling of entrapment was from […]

Weekly Wrap-Up November 28, 2016

Mood Still going up and down with depression. I’m fine for a little while and then I remember who our next president will be and depression hits hard. This doesn’t have as much to do with politics as it does the man himself. Trump is vile, vulgar and a narcissistic who is surrounding himself with […]

Weekly Wrap-Up November 21, 2016

weekly wrap-up

Mood Some time has passed since the election, so it’s no surprise that my depression has somewhat lifted as well. The keyword being “somewhat.” My God I wish it was gone. Sometimes I think it has and then I’ll realize I spent an hour staring at the wall. I sigh so regularly that Maurice keeps […]

Weekly Wrap-Up November 14, 2016

weekly wrap-up

Mood I don’t think I have to mention it, but I will. Depression, depression, depression. This time is situational and not likely to be because of the chemicals swirling around in my brain. The election was just more than I could handle. I thought it would pass, but it still hangs as heavy on my […]

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