Weekly Wrap-Up November 28, 2016

weekly wrap-up


Still going up and down with depression. I’m fine for a little while and then I remember who our next president will be and depression hits hard. This doesn’t have as much to do with politics as it does the man himself. Trump is vile, vulgar and a narcissistic who is surrounding himself with some of the scourge of the earth. Is it any wonder that I want to leave the country? Tomorrows post is an update on that.

The saving grace is that my depression is situational, which makes it easier to control, I’m thankful I haven’t hit that deep depression that is always lurking in the dark.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on Nov. 19: 256.6 lbs.
Weight on Nov, 26: 256.0 lbs.
Total loss: 0.6 lbs.

It was Thanksgiving week here in the U.S. and I actually lost weight. Woo Hoo! For my friends outside our borders, Thanksgiving is known as the time when all Americans become gluttons. I managed well. I allowed myself a full plate. I didn’t sacrifice, but I did eat sparingly. Rather than eating PUMPKIN PIE and PUMPKIN CHEESCAKE, I ate pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. I never felt bloated.

The other big win was exercise. Maurice was off work all week and we made a commitment to walk 10,000 steps a day, which is approximately 5 miles. We did it. Even on Thanksgiving day we forced ourselves to get out there. Seeing that scale on Saturday made it all worth it. Now we need to be sure to stay committed and continue to make exercise one of our priorities.


Nothing, but that’s okay. It wasn’t because I was depressed, it was because I kept my time open so I could enjoy being with Maurice during his vacation. I’m excited this morning to be back in the writing game and pressing forward.


Mood was a rollercoaster, but at least it didn’t stay down. Food and fitness was a big win, but nothing got written, despite having a good excuse. I give the week a C+

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  1. I was so amazed (and inspired) when I saw last night that you lost some # on the Lose It log!
    My first thought: “How could that happen at a time like this?”
    Second thought: “I’m jealous, LOL!”
    Now I know the backstory! 😉 That’s awesome, and I’m also happy you and Maurice walked every day, even Thanksgiving. Woo hoo!

    It’s also great to read you’re looking forward to writing this morning after your break. I think you should give yourself a B- !!! 😉

    take care and here’s to at least a solid “B” of a week!


    The Captain

    1. I was excited at weigh in. I had hope I maintained and was in shock to learn I actually lost. Thank you for the kudos

      1. Emm, Bradley, thanks for the writeups really cause I was almost wondering if something was up sort you were parking up or deep under the covers sort of… Glad you lost some weight, soon we’ll see a picture… one step at a time and oh say hi to Maurice 🙂

  2. I hope the upswing stays on. One of our clients told me today that she gained a pound over the weekend. I told her. “You couldn’t pay me to step on a scale today!” 🙂 When winter comes I tend to hibernate and noodle-up, so I tend to increase my cardio. For me, it’s easier to get hot and sweaty when it’s cold outside, so it usually balances out.
    I hope you’re more productive in your writing this week, or whatever makes you happy 🙂

    1. Today I wasn’t nearly as productive as I hoped. Depression is still getting in my way. Here’s hoping for a more positive rest of the week

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