Weekly Wrap-Up January 16 , 2016

Weekly wrap-up


Three weeks in a row of having no mania or depression…Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my anxiety. I was a mess. I’ll share more about my anxiety tomorrow.

As I said last week, I’ve joined the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge, with my goal to read twenty-seven books in a year. It’s doable, but in two weeks I’m only halfway through my first book. I used to read around three books a week, but I struggle more now. Much of it probably has to do with the anxiety.

The anxiety kicked my ass.

Weight and Fitness

Saturday January 7 – 260.2 lbs.
Saturday, January 14 – 262.6 lbs.
Total gain – 2.4 lbs.

Two weeks ago I lost 3.4 lbs. and last week I gained 2.4. Up and down, up and down…I’m sick of it. At this rate I’ll be down to my goal weight just in time for my own funeral. On the positive side, Maurice and I have started our week out well by eating right and exercising. Saturday was gorgeous so we had a nice walk along the beach. I’m trying.

I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago. I have pain that runs from my underarm and down my right arm. There’s substantial pain in my neck as well. On my right hand, my ring finger and my pinky are always numb and are of little use. Hopefully time with my physical terrorist will resolve the problem. I see both of my neurologists in March and I’m hoping that physical therapy works well enough that they tell me no surgery is required. Keep your (ahem) fingers crossed for me.


Well, Tuesday I did go to my Writer’s critique group. Beyond that, uh, uh…not so much. I didn’t even take any of my own writing to the group. I just sat there and critique other people’s work. It’s okay to do that, I just can’t make it a habit.

This week, my only obligations are two physical therapy appointments. One today and one on Wednesday. I have no other excuses not to get some writing done. I plan to adhere to my usual schedule, which is to write Monday – Friday from 12 noon – 5 pm. I will not allow interruptions during that time. No lunches out with friends, no doing laundry, no washing dishes, no dusting, no vacuuming, and dare I say it? Yes, no reading or writing blogs either.


This was a tough call. My writing sucked, my weigh in sucked, my anxiety sucked…however, I didn’t have mania or depression so I was able to cope better. For that reason, I’ll give the week a C.

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    1. Very good question, but no, I don’t think so. That’s only 2 books per month and if I don’t reach it I think I’ll be okay

  1. Oh, B, I miss your blog so much already. I was wondering if your referring to your physical therapist above as a physical terrorist was a typo, a clever pun, or a Freudian slip. I hope wherever you are, your weeks are all getting A’s right now.

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