Our apartment is a mess. If you live in Los Angeles you know how dirty a place can get. The window sills and much of the apartment get covered in black soot. On top of not dusting well, I have now let the dishes pile up, the bathroom is in desperate need for a cleaning, the carpet is a disaster and I have paperwork scattered throughout the house that I will get around to, someday.

Then one day I’ll get a little obsessive. Okay, a lot excessive. After letting the house get way out of control, I’ll want to clean it all up in one day and nearly killing myself in the process. Of course, I don’t get it all done. In fact, while I’ll be proud of myself for multi-tasking, I end up getting none of the chores done.

Lately I’ve had an obsession that is turning into a good thing. I think most directory’s out there are too messy. A lot of information you don’t use or need. As a result I’ve been thinking I’d like to create a directory of my own that is short and simple. I hadn’t had the inspiration until I saw Humor Bloggers which was developed by Chelle, the offended blogger.

She has a simple directory that she created that is very much like what I’ve been wanting to do. As a result, I’ve now become obsessed with getting my directory up and running. You can find it at Mental Health Blogging. Even though my pdoc has warned me about overloading myself, this is one project I felt needed to be done.

It’s not completely finished but if you are a blogger on any type of Mental illness, please feel free to submit your blog. I will approve them as fast as I can so they will be on display.

If you don’t have a Mental Health blog, but are interested in participating in the community and learn, then please feel free to apply and check the box off that you are registering as a guest.

Upon approval you will be have your blog posted with a description as well. Currently the chat room or the forums aren’t working, but they will be very soon.

Thank you, Chelle, for giving me the inspiration.

Please take a look at Mental Health Blogging and tell me what you think.

14 comments on Obsession

  1. @immi The only problem with this obsession is it’s getting in the way of doing what I really need to do with some projects I have going on.On the other hand, I probably would have just been spinning my wheels.@melinda Great! glad to see that you plan to join.

  2. It looks fantastic, sleek and easy to use. I was wondering if you were going to add a borderline personality disorder catagory…we have quite a few blogs that identify with that disorder.Great job. Remember take it easy on yourself (me the one with 3 blogs…hee, hee).

  3. @clueless Hey there, I added personality disorders to the list. I’m sure there are still others I haven’t thought of. Welcome to the community

  4. Very nifty site you created! I just signed up and think that the application process is great!I’ve visited your blog before and always enjoy my stay.Thank you and take care!

  5. Hi Bradley–I got your note about this new mental health directory. What a great idea–I will definitely be joining. Thanks for letting me know!Melinda

  6. Bradley, Well done, doing something extra and organized are ready good. About the mental health, I can say this is an important aspect of human life. I will read more to empower my brain. Happy blogging, take care always, Bradley.

  7. Hi Bradley!wow, you have turned obsession into something positivei’m quite OC too on some areas… like I arrange my clothes everday (lol)I hope you are doing great 🙂 even with the disorder

  8. Hi Bradley! I love the idea of all the mental health issues in one place…stroke of genus really. I’m wondering…Once upon a time, when I was diagnosed with colitis, I went to the library to research it. Imagine my surprise when it was considered a Psychosomatic disease. They’ve since found it’s not, BUT…because of all the medications we take, and dealing with all the proceedures and hospitalizations we tend to have extreme bouts of depression. So maybe you could add a “chronic illness” section? Because people who suffer from chronic physical ailments often end up suffering from depression because of. and I know from experience that many medications have made me manic/depressive…up one minute and running around and in tears and can barely get out of bed the next. just a thought…and btw, you’re site looks great!I’m a little OCD myself, good to be able to put it to use…;-)

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