Post Election Blues


A little something I posted on Facebook that I thought I’d share here:

It’s day two and I still don’t know what to think. “You’ve got to stay and fight,” “It’s only four years,” “What would happen if all the good people left?”

These are what I’m hearing from friends, but I don’t think I have it in me.
My country has betrayed me. It’s personal. Trump isn’t the problem. He’s just one person who is a racist, sexist, narcissist.  A very sick man.

I feel betrayed because almost half of the people who voted in my country supported him. That’s even sicker.

I’ve researched other places to live and there’s some good options. Sure, no country is perfect, but I don’t think I can handle staying and watching as my country implodes, taking me with it. Besides, I’m not just looking at it from a position of fear (I’m terrified,) I also see it as a fun adventure that I’ve considered doing for some time anyway. Maybe now is the time to scratch that off my bucket list.

I just don’t believe there’s room here for an interracial gay couple anymore. Maybe there never was.
I have a lot of soul searching to do. Maurice and I both have. Hopefully together we can come up with a solution and move beyond the grief we’re feeling now.

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  1. It makes me so, so sad that our country has turned into a place where people don’t feel safe, just for being gay or in an interracial marriage. Or being any of the other things Trump threatens. We had problems before, but it feels like this sleeping giant has awoken. I don’t blame you in the least for looking for other options. Keep us posted on your search.

    1. When the KKK has a celebration because someone won the presidency, it’s time to take a deep, hard look at what happened.

  2. I’m so sorry you are hurting so much, Bradley. I pray God shows you his will and gives you the strength and courage to follow it as I do for all of us during this uncertain time.

  3. Australia agrees with you, Bradley. Even the conservative government we have is shocked. I was depressed all afternoon as the election news unfolded here. It’s sure to create a more radical American left, I suspect. There have been demonstrations already in the cities, I see. Lots of positive energy from Down Under.

    1. Demonstrations in 25 cities last night. Trump, of course, says they were hired by the media. Such a disturbed, sick man.

  4. I’m rather tired of people talking like Democrats are overreacting to losing an election. There are, in fact, some Republicans feeling the same way. This is not a normal election, this is not a decent man whose policies we don’t like, this is a blatant Narcissist, misogynist, racist — well you know the list. This is not the hardy amusement of GW’s guffaws or comparable to any other elected Republican president. This is not a bunch of liberals overreacting, this is what fear and shame do to people. I am afraid for people I love, and strangers as well. I am afraid for anyone who isn’t white, straight, Christian, and male. Period.
    I must put this in my column of things I will never understand about people. I must love them regardless. I must keep hope. The future does not belong to a specific demographic.

  5. What Bradley, KKK still exists? Oh my not again… Please Bradley maybe you need to try somewhere else even if only for the adventure and experience… look I empathize because even if in far away Cameroun, I have been and am so sadden and shaken by the results I don’t think I want to ever visit that country again until that man is no more President…

    1. The number of KKK membership had gone down over the years, but they’re still around. They have their own march and event scheduled to celebrate Trump’s win. (Kind of says a lot about the man, doesn’t it?”

      I do suggest you not come over anytime soon. As a black man, Maurice is fearful every day. I can only partially understand what he is going through.

  6. I hate that we have ended up here in history because people just wanted a “change.” I’m afraid Trump is the devil we don’t know. Selfishly I want you to stay because we need diversity. I am fortunate to have a bipolar daughter and a gay son. I still have the dream of living in an inclusive America. (And I am a non-Mormon living in Utah!) Thank you for your blog. Your struggles and triumphs are an inspiration. I think sharing our experiences is one of the most meaningful things we do as humans and I appreciate you.

  7. I really love what Joey wrote, partially because I was so appalled when one of my best friends of almost 30 years shocked the hell out of me after she told me she was voting for the Shithead.

    “I must love them regardless. I must keep hope. The future does not belong to a specific demographic.”

    I too am incredibly sorry you’re suffering from this, Bradley, & I’m grateful you have an amazing, loving partner at your side.
    (Tell Maurice I wrote that!!!! Your Captain commands it. ;))

    Please, please hang in there as best as you can, okay?
    Captain Dy

    1. I’m hanging on the best I can. A friend of ours has offered to allow us to live with him for free in Spain. If nothing else, we’d get a nice break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The offer is very tempting.

      1. WOW – how could you pass that up, my dear? What a wonderful friend….if you go there, your Captain’s orders are that you need to make sure you can get your meds, but hey, I KNOW you could make that happen!!!!! Keep us posted….

  8. Even if Obama was going to still be president, I would tell anyone who has to chance to live abroad in a place they feel safe and relaxed, do it. But especially with Trump and his hordes, i might say you’d be mad not to do it. Unfortunately the conservative “white” nationalists are everywhere in Europe. There doesn’t see to be too many places to run to.

        1. that would be hoot…California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada split and say “see ya” Of course this would have New York and New England looking to follow suit. Colorado and New Mexico start rumbling.

    1. You’re right about having limits on where we can go, but I think a change of scenery would do a lot of good.

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