Scientology in less than Two Minutes

I’ve been planning a post about the Church of Scientology for a long time and have been researching it for over a year. I’m still not ready. Part of my research was to tour the building above, which is the Psychiatry Industry of Death Museum located in Hollywood. Needless to say, Scientologists aren’t fans of Psychiatry or even the term, Mental Illness.

Below is an animated explanation of earth’s origins as claimed by the church. The video was part of a 2007 expose by the BBC.  For now I’m going to let the video speak for itself (I apologize for the poor quality). I hope to put together a full length post (or series) about this dangerous cult sometime in the near future.

After viewing I hope you’ll share  your thoughts.


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    1. Yes, it’s called The Church of Scientology, founded by science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. They believe that mental illness is actually caused by these Thetans mentioned In the video. Medication won’t help you, but having the Thetans removed will. Of course, it costs a fortune for them to remove them. The Church is filthy rich.

      Do people believe it? Well, members of the church include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Allie, Priscilla Presley, Greta Van Susteren, and many, many more.

      You should be speechless.

  1. I remember having a run in with some Scientologists when I was an unruly teenager. Me and a couple of friends went in and took on of those free personality tests they used to lure people in with. We of course didn’t use any of our real information like name or DOB. They were all smiles at first, then they went into the back with our paperwork. I remember one of them coming out from behind the little curtain and saying something to the other one while frowning, which then made the second guy frown. The both turned towards us waiting in the waiting area, surrounded by Dianetics books, with most unfriendly looks on their faces. We got out of dodge tout suite.

    I tried reading Dianetics a couple years ago, the logic was….troublesome to say the least. His fiction is pretty decent if you like reading about politics.

    1. I’m not much of a science fiction reader, but I loved Battlefield Earth (the book, not the movie.) They still do the personality testing, dragging people off of Hollywood Blvd. They scare me for many reasons, but primarily convincing people to go off their meds.

  2. I dabbled in Scientology from 1977-1980 and would NEVER go back! I wrote a post about it too. You can use the search bar and look under Scientology. I’d link it here but don’t want to self promote on your blog.

    1. I appreciate you not wanting to post the link, but I wouldn’t have minded. I look forward to checking out your post.

  3. It’s so interesting that you posted this post today of all days.

    I used to discuss Scientology often via email & WordPress with a dear blogging friend. I found out she died by suicide today. We loved to poke fun at what we called “$”, and we traded anecdotes and the latest tell-all books, etc. It was a happy memory, and your post reminded me of those good times as tears ran down my face….thank you for posting this topic of all things.

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I will. :00000

    My grandmother, who was a second mother to me, was a teacher in New York. When she retired she moved to the rarest of all places: a rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica! She wanted to be close to our place in Pac Pal, I mean PACIFIC PALISADES, LOL!

    Anyway, she continued to teach by volunteering. Granny taught ESL to foreign students at SMC well into her 70’s. She was amazing, and she was honored for her work by some group. I don’t remember the details, but she was asked to attend a volunteer ceremony at the then-new Scientologoy Centre. I have NO idea what the connection was because she sure as hell wasn’t a Scientologist member – she was a super-observant New York Jew! Granny wound up chatting with soem guy named John Travolta and she had no idea who the hell he was! I wish I was there for that one, ha ha! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry about your friend, but I’m glad your are focused on the good times. I can’t possibly understand believing their dogma. If you check out Luckyotters post, it gives a good perspective.

  4. Um, I watched it, and L.R. Hubbard must have been tripping on LSD when he created this explanation. I’d find it hilarious except for the fact that some people acually believe that Thetans cling to us and we need to pay lots of money to get rid of them! (Did I get that right? I watched it twice….and kept my food down!) Don’t get me started on Tom Cruise. I was devasted when I discovered the JAG actress Catherine Bell believes in this malarky too

    1. Malarky is a good word for it. You are right about the thetans, they are the reason we have the problems we do. We need to pay to have them removed and then through our actions, or whatever, we show we still have them clustered on our bodies and we have to go through the process again. $$$$$$

  5. Phew, when I read your post title I was thinking you were planning on joining up!

    It’s probably the only cult that ever went “mainstream” thanks to all the celebrities. They’re wrong anyway. Everyone knows it’s Zorgons, not Thetans 😉

    1. I make it a point to respect all religious beliefs, but just can’t do it with the Scientologists.

  6. I just wanna know that if Zenu has been locked up in an electrical fortress, where it is and who paid the bill for all that electricity!! Hehe

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