Weekly Wrap-Up September 5, 2016

weekly wrap-up


As I sat down to write this I realized I haven’t thought about my mood at all this week. I never felt depressed. I never felt manic. I can’t even say I had anxiety. I realized my mind allowed me to just be. What a wonderful thing to be able to say.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on Aug 27 – 259.0
Weight on September 3 – 257.8
Total loss = 1.2 labs

Another week where I was rather glutinous. I like to write at the library for several reasons, but most importantly it keeps me from over snacking. I pack my lunch and a couple of snacks. When I’m home I have too much of an opportunity to devour foods. I can snack at in our apartment, but even worse we live within easy walking distance of a Chinese restaurant, two donut shops, a couple of Mexican places, a poke bowl place and more. Hell, there a CVS pharmacy less than a block away and have you seen their snack aisles? Deadly.

I also didn’t get much exercise because I was very busy. How I lost weight I’ll never know.
I’m very frustrated. The reason I joined Weight Watchers was to avoid gastric bypass surgery. To have the surgery, there’s a requirement to first lose 10% of your body weight. I felt if I could lose 10%, why would I stop? I might as well keep going. I’m so frustrated with my weight lately, I’m considering the surgery again, but I keep reminding myself of the 10% rule. For now, it’s a wait and see what happens.


Once again I haven’t done any writing. I’ve read numerous books on writing and had lunch with a group of fellow writer’s. Both were helpful, but there’s a simple rule that writer’s must abide by, and that is that writers write. I feel the excitement in me. I’m at my in-laws for the holiday weekend, but first thing Tuesday morning I’ll be back at it and I can’t wait.


I’ve struggled with eating, I haven’t been writing, but my good mood overrides both of those setbacks. I give this week an A-.

26 comments on Weekly Wrap-Up September 5, 2016

  1. That’s fantastic news about your mood!

    I love your library strategy. One thing that has been key in helping me lose 40# has been dramatically increasing the amount of water I drink (as you know) and adding green tea to the mix, especially the Yogi Green Blueberry tea for weight loss which you can get @ Target that doesn’t have anything freaky in it as far as I know. I love the taste.

    I know it’s hard to do both, but if you had to pick one, obviously it’s water…..which reminds me: how’s your water intake going?
    Just a thought from your devoted nag! There’s got to be a better word than nag. Oh yes…
    COACH! 😉

    Looking forward to your writing again on Tuesday, and it’s super-awesome that you’re feeling excited about it!
    (((hugs)))) from Dy

    p.s. CVS snacks have gotten so yummy-looking, and they’re carrying some healthier (yet calorie-laden)
    products to tempt me. How dare they?

    1. I used to guzzle water all day long, but haven’t been doing it lately for some reason. I’ll have to get back on it. No thanks on the green tea, though. Yuck. LOL Keep nagging all you want. I need it.

  2. That’s great about the mood! Do you take picture of yourself to record weight loss? Most seem to do that, I’m considering it myself. I think the visual
    Changes might be more helpful. Anyway, take care xx

    1. When I started this blog (about a hundred years ago) I did post pics a couple of times and agree its not a bad idea even if I don’t share them online. Thank you, Penny.

    1. I generally post 5 days a week. Typically on the weekdays. Some may be silly, like the “Caption This” contests, but I’m usually here in one form or another.

  3. Yay for a week where you didn’t even think about your mood. You know things are going good when it isn’t vying for your attention. Love those days!

  4. An A- is excellent, Bradley! 🙂
    And you are losing weight slowly and that’s a good thing, those pounds may never come back! 🙂

  5. Hi Bradley
    Your post on seizures stayed with me. I was reading warning info about one of my drugs and seizures were mentioned. I wondered it you talked to your Psychiatrist about? It’s quite possible it was med related being they were so stretched out. Just a thought.
    Take care.

    1. The times I had the seizures I was not on meds. Once diagnosed I was put on a med that is known to cause seizures. I requested it and my pdoc was reluctant because of that. My pdoc and neurologist talked together about it and determined it was okay because some other meds I’m on reduce the chances of seizures. I’m just one big mess. lol

    1. I have looked at her blog a few times, but never got to know blah. Thank you for the link. It is so tragic. 🙁

    1. I’m hanging on as tight as I can, April. I’m trying very hard not to have my usual “It’s not going to last long” attitude.

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