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Recently I was given the honor of being asked to submit a guest post to Sarah Feder’s excellent blog Old School/New School Mom. Sarah’s blog runs a series called Stigma Fighters which features real life stories about people living with mental illness.

You can view my submission here: Bradley S.

From her blogs bio, Sarah says she is a parenting blogger. Her blog started in April 2009 when her son was 11 months old. She has reviewed products and services from various companies including Brooklyn Industries, Honest Tea, and Soda Stream. She also records anecdotes from her daily life on her blog and has connected with moms throughout the continental United States and Canada through her blog. She has conducted both video and print interviews with psychologists, occupational therapists, musicians, writers and bloggers. She is a Huffington Post blogger and you can read her entries here. She wrote the viral hilarious article 3-Year-Olds are Assholes,which has 0ver 350K likes on Facebook and has been translated into Spanish and German. She is a mental health advocate and runs the series Stigma Fighters, where real people with mental illness are sharing their stories. She writes a blog for Psychology Today called Panic Life, where she openly discusses what it’s like to live with an anxiety disorder.

Again, you can view my submission here: Bradley S.

Please show your support for Sarah and her Stigma Fighters series by leaving comments on her blog under my submission.

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