Still Love That Rich Creamy Stuff

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a post I made in May, 2008

Peanut Butter Will Be The Death Of Me

The past few days my diet has been great and I’ve been getting good exercise by walking. I was looking forward to getting on the scale in a couple of days knowing that I had dropped 50 pounds in the past week. I would be a He-Man, kicking sand in the other guys faces. (Go ask you’re parents. They’ll know what I’m talking about).

Among the many oddities about me is that I was born without a sense of smell. People have waved everything from perfume to poop under my nose and I can’t smell a thing. There’s a medical term for it, but that’s for another time. The point is that I have a sense of taste, however, taste and smell are hugely linked. As a result, my sense of taste is greatly diminished. It’s one of the reasons I hate steak. To you it may be delicious, but to me it’s just like gnawing leather since I can’t really taste it. Fortunately,most of the exceptions to my diminished taste are healthy fruits and some vegetables.

I have one deadly enemy, though…..peanut butter. It’s the devil in a jar. There’s nothing in my life I can taste so well. It’s so delicious to me I can imagine how good it smells. I picture myself in ancient Greece being fanned by palms while being spoon fed vase after vase of it’s creamy goodness. It’s sex in a jar. I love peanut butter almost more than life itself. I think you get the idea. But,do you know how much fat is in peanut butter? If you don’t and you like the stuff, NEVER EVER look at the label.

So today, I enjoyed a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch. Mid-afternoon hit and I grabbed a handful of carrots (another one of my great pleasures), but then I could almost feel an energy mystically taking my hand and opening the pantry. There it sat like the Holy Grail singing a seductive song…Ok, I’ll spare the visualizations. I opened the lid and ate spoonfuls of the damn stuff. Up until today I haven’t restricted anything that Maurice could have in the house. He shouldn’t be punished by my lack of willpower. Sorry, my love, BUT we now have one major exception. The deadly stuff doesn’t come across our threshold ever again. Goodbye PB&J, I’ll miss you.

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  1. Recently I became addicted to ALMOND BUTTER!!!! It is totally expensive (3 times the cost of peanut butter, at least) but so, so yummy!

    Also, I decided last week to lose 35 pounds, so I’m with you regarding the weight loss!
    I’m using LoseIt! (a free online/app) which is a great way for me to lose weight. I used it 3 years ago and it worked, it was even kind of fun, and the only reason that didn’t work out over the long-term was that I relapsed from going off meds, and I ate my way back to today! Have you heard of LoseIt?

    I’m able to have my daily dose of almond butter, by the way. Yum yum yum. I pair it with a green apple!
    Do you think, um, you could have some in moderation? I get it if you can’t. I’m that way with chocolate for the most part.

    I love carrots too – I’ve been trying the multi-colored ones & they’re tasty.

    I’ll be cheering you on! Don’t worry about the peanut butter hiccup!

    1. Only if I get natural peanut butter am I able to eat it in moderation. Jiff or Skippy would be gone in minutes if we kept them in the house. It’s kind of like Ben & Jerry’s, you swear you won’t eat the whole pint in one sitting, but you do anyway.

      I did take a quick look at the program you mentioned. Interesting. I’m going back to take a closer look.

      1. Cool! (about the program, that is!) Let me know if you decide to do it – we can be friends on it and support each other there…..but no pressure as I don’t want you to think it’s a cult! šŸ˜‰

  2. p.s. “Sex in a jar”, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Also, I had high school classes with a girl who had anosmia, but something happened to her as a child or teen to cause it – I forget what! Maybe an accident…She was very skinny, and I always wondered if not being able to smell was the reason, but I didn’t know her well.

    1. Most people with anosmia get it through some kind of accident, or illness. I’m one of the lucky few who was born with it.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of eating vegemite a couple of times. It will definitely be no calories for me. lol. I’ll let you enjoy

  4. Well Thanks! Now I have to ban chalk, glitter AND peanut butter since they are all Devils in disguise.

    P.S. – Be very glad you can’t smell poop! It smells like shit ?

    1. LOL I’ve heard it smell like shit. As a mom, good luck on banning chalk and glitter.

  5. Hahaha, the peanut butter backlash is what I call it. I can eat it straight out the jar in one sitting and once I’m finished I’m left with an extra 10kg around the waist. But its worth it every time. I consider my peanut butter consumption ‘at risk behaviour’

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