The Hardest Pound I Ever Worked Off

My first week on Weight Watchers has passed. I converted the fats, fiber and calories into points. I logged every point in my tracker. I ate my veggies, ate small servings in general..and so on. I marched up to the scale at the weight watchers meeting with no fear. I was ready to boast about my tremendous weight loss. I hopped on the scale full of excitment when BAM…I was told I lost exactly one pound. ONE POUND???? What the hell? I know so many people who swear by the Weight Watchers plan and boast about how much they lost. Why did I not lose as much as I thought I would? I was told I didn’t eat enough. The plan keeps me full all the time and I’m not eating enough? (sigh).

This week I have to ensure I eat all the points available to me daily. That’s going to be tough to do. I get 39 points a day, which is meaningless to you if you haven’t been to Weight Watchers. For those of you that aren’t familiar – 1 cup of beef equals 8 points. If I only ate beef all day then I would have to eat 6 f*****g cups of beef in a day to reach my total points allowance. That’s a helluva lot of beef. Imagine trying to reach that while eating mostly fruits and vegetables as expected. It aint easy.

Anyway, I’m going to try and bask in the fact that I’m one pound less and that I didn’t gain any weight.

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  1. I’ve lost 8 pounds since August to my surprise, and understand the 1 pound feeling–but remember, pick up something that weighs 1-5 lbs. and it really is a lot of weight, and less on our knees etc.Keep going! PS– I’ve added a 60 min walk to my day. First it was 30 minutes. I think that is what kicked in the weight loss (which broke a plateau finally).I’m very glad you are back blogging!! 🙂

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