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There’s been a meme going around on Facebook that I’m going to paraphrase. It says something like,

I don’t think everyone who voted for Donald Trumps is a narcissistic, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist who makes fun of people with disabilities. But I am troubled that nearly half the people who voted in the election believe it’s okay to have a narcissistic, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist President who likes to make fun of people with disabilities.

That is not okay with me.

Despite Trump winning the general election in November, his upcoming reign did not become official until yesterday when 538 electors cast their votes affirming him as the President Elect of the U.S.A. For those unfamiliar with our electoral college system, it was created by our founding fathers because of their lack of trust that the American people would vote for a person qualified to take office. It allows the electors, chosen by their political party, to vote someone else into power, regardless of who the general population voted for. Fortunately, with few exceptions, the electors cast their votes based on the general election outcome. Obviously, the electoral college is elitist and just plain ridiculous. I stand with a growing number of people who would like to amend The Constitution to eliminate the electoral college, but it’s likely to be a long way off.

For a more eloquent and detailed explanation of how this system works, check out an article on How Stuff Works. There’s also a good FAQ page on the National Archives and Records Administration website.

Now is my time to be a hypocrite. While I believe in getting rid of the electoral college, it does exist and yesterday our electors failed in their duty to protect our nation. They selected an individual who is grossly unqualified to lead our country. I fear for the United States of America. I fear for the world.

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  1. Honestly, I hope that Trump falls asleep one night SOON, i.e. this year, & has a painless aneurysm and doesn’t wake up. If it can happen to people my age (i.e. Jonathan Crombie, the talented & gorgeous, beloved actor who played Gilbert in “Anne of Green Gables) why not D.T.?

    1. It’s not necessary to wish him dead. (shame on you.) I have no doubt he’ll be impeached. The problem is that Pence could be worse. He’s a radical nutjob. I have no faith in anyone who supports conversion therapy

      1. I agree with you 1000% about Pence…..ugh ugh ugh. He can’t be human, can he?

        Honestly, I have no problem hoping for Dump or Pence, for that matter, to go to the afterlife! I didn’t write that I’d wish Dump to go to hell….I’m too nice I guess. :000 But this is the only place I’ll write such a thing (and I know I shouldn’t write it anywhere, really) because I’m paranoid expressing my true beliefs on the internet about how I feel regarding Dump. :(((((((

  2. I agree that our country is divided at the moment ideologically, but this is a challenge to be accepted! Can we rise above our squabbling and keep fighting the good fight toward unity and tolerance? An exciting time to be alive!

  3. I am with you on this. I held out a small amount of hope for the electoral college yesterday to make this right, but I knew in my heart it would never happen. 🙁

    1. Me too. I keep hearing to get over it, but this about a change in political parties (disappointing,) it’s about the man who is taking office (frightening.)

  4. Thanks for explanation of college system. I’m from Australia and I think because of the global impacts of USA the world should have opportunity to vote in US election! But honestly our politics is no good either. Seems endemic western world ?

    1. I never thought of that. Considering the president has his finger by the button at all times, the rest of the world should be able to join in.

  5. As I have been learning more history in all the free time I have since I retired, I would like to float another scenario, based on a similar, though less technologically advanced, historical situation. As I recall, our country was in a world of hurt and a major mess, esp economically, in the 1930s. Our president at the time was Herbert Hoover, who I think could be compared in that same economic vein to the Donald. At the time arose a “hero” who became president, emerging from the ranks of at least semi-unknown Democratic politicians, FDR. I am therefore hopeful that this historical pattern might be repeated in my lifetime. Of course, I am also hopeful that we will all survive for at least the two years before the opportunity will arise to replace all the supply-side (aka trickle down theorists who did not learn from Reagan’s mistakes and still call themselves economic conservatives) Republicans now in Congress. I’m filing for Social Security in 2017 and will keep my fingers crossed that Medicare will still be available and worthwhile by the time I turn 65 in 2020. Till then, “God bless us, everyone.”

    1. History has shown that the “trickle down” theory does not work regardless of the socio-economics of a country. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, that conservatives still hold on to this theory.

      I am currently living on disability and have Medicare. If those were taken away from me, or even reduced, I don’t know what I’d do. I do hope to see the tides change in my lifetime. Thank you for the comment.

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