Weekly Wrap-Up August 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up


Last week can best be described as uncomfortable. No mania and no major depression, but I did have mild depression that felt like it was crawling under my skin and would not go away. I also struggled with ongoing feeling of “less than.”

I was able to function, but it was exhausting. Externally I don’t believe it was noticeable. What was noticeable was my loss of desire to exercise and gross overeating. It definitely was a week that I was trying to fill that lonely, empty hole with food.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on Aug 06 – 257.2

Weight on August 13 – 258.6

Total gain = 1.4 lbs.

Last week was my second week in a row of weight gain. It’s no surprise since I was trying to bury my feelings with food. I don’t remember having a week that I ate so much in a long, long time. Each day that I over ate upset me enough to eat even more the next day.

On a positive note, I did succeed in keeping my promise to myself to never see 260 lbs. or more again on the scale. I’m dangerously close, but I have this week to make a difference.


Last week I said I was immersing myself in learning more about male/male fiction and am doing so. I feel positive with what I’ve written and each day that I study and write, I believe I am a better writer.
For the first time in my life, I love my “job.” It is my vocation rather than my occupation.


As uncomfortable as I was this week, it was far better than last week. Yeah, my mood and my fitness didn’t go as I hoped, but they weren’t horrible. The joy I get from writing outweighs their drawbacks.

I’ll give my week an A-OK.

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  1. Well I personally am very proud of you. I haven’t gotten around to even starting one yet.When I think about it I just seem to crave more sugar. I have seen you on other bloggers I follow and wanted to follow you too.

  2. Hi Bradley – I think all in all- your attitude is what makes the difference- You are doing well -persevering. Food can be an emotional crutch to me too .I try and find other things to do to distract me. Be cool.

    1. I’m pretty good (not great, but good) at not eating as much when away. It’s one of the reasons I go to the library a lot to write. When I’m home, all bets are off

  3. There’s no harm in eating your feelings every now and again. At least you’re self aware and recognise the cycle. You are resilient, and with writing as your solace, you’ll be on track again in no time. Take care, Bradley x

  4. Still in Bear Valley, thinking of you. No Internet here, but I’m using my phone. I am really sorry about last week’s food situation, and that less-than feeling – I get it! I binged every night last week and over the weekend…my daughter calls it cringing, LOL. I broke the cycle again last night and didn’t cringe. At least we can always start over, right?

    I’m thrilled about your writing, and that you love your “job”. *I* love your resilience, so hang in there. Bear ((((hugs)))) coming your way!

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