Weekly Wrap-Up May 16, 2016

weekly wrap-up


My healthy, balanced state continued. I did deal with some major anxiety a couple of times, but thankfully had no panic attacks. Overall, I’m very pleased with the week.

I’ve felt so good that I’ve been looking into Vocational Rehab again for help training and getting a job. I do this every time I start feeling good again. I will talk with my pdoc and therapist before contacting my case counselor. I’m sure they’ll both tell me that two good weeks does not equal recovery, but I figured it’s time to bring it up again, at least. They’ll tell me to just keep writing.

Weight and Fitness

On Saturday, May 7 I weighed 265.6 lbs.
On Saturday, May 14 I weighed 263.6
Total loss for the week: exactly 2.0 lbs.

Finally, a drop again! It’s about time.
I credit both Weight Watchers and the Lose It website for the loss. Both required tracking my food which made me extra vigilant to ensure I did track everything. Also, my Lose It pal, Dyane, whose excellent blog is Birth of a New Brain, has been a been a tremendous help. Dyane and I send messages of encouragement to each other. Having a specific buddy to be accountable to definitely has its advantages. She started the Lose It group, “Wondrous Writers Weight Loss Group.” If you care to join us, just join Lose It, which is FREE and search for the group name.

While I didn’t go to the beach, as I planned, I still got some walking in for several days. This week my goal is to go to the beach at least three mornings.


I can’t say it’s been bad, but I have had to change things up. I created an outline before I started the novel which has been very helpful, however as I’ve been writing, I’ve veered quite a ways off. I’m not a write by the seat of my pants kind of guy so I’m creating a new outline for the last half of the book. In addition, I’ve received feedback from my critique group that I’ve found puzzling. As a result, I’m seeking out some local mystery writers to get some feedback specifically on the genre.


Two good weeks in a row. I’m happy.

16 comments on Weekly Wrap-Up May 16, 2016

  1. So two weeks don’t equal recovery, but they are a BIG step in the right direction! I do the same thing…start or want to start a bunch of new stuff the moment I start feeling better. I think that is how most people’s brains work. Try to enjoy the moment at hand, my friend!

    1. Good reminder that I need to savor the moment. Something I struggle with remembering to do.

  2. Thanks again for the lovely shout-out, Bradley.

    Well, I have a new diet for us, my friend. It leaves Weight Watcher and Lose It! in the dust.
    Drum roll please…..
    It’s called The Walking Pneumonia Diet, and I’m on it!!

    I went to the doctor today to rule out walking pneumonia since both my kids had it recently.
    I got sick last Thursday with a cough/chills thing.
    I expected her to say, “Oh, nope, you don’t have it.” Alas, she said “You have it!”
    The infection has reduced my appetite, but I don’t like that! I like food! At least my version is much milder than my little girl’s kind was, thank God.

    That’s great you’re looking into Vocational Rehab!!!! You can at least discuss it – you never know, right?
    Now, do me a favor and go to the beach a few times this week as you mentioned you’d do.
    And good for you for being proactive about seeking out the mystery writers for feedback – I’m really impressed.
    Okay, my dear, I’m going to go be a veggie. I’ll be checking in with you soon over at Lose It! Hopefully we’ll draw more group members into the fold.

    You’re doing great!

    1. Wow a wonderful enthusiastic response. Forget the Walking Pneumonia Diet, I’ll stick with what I’ve been doing. lol. Seriously, I hope it passes for you soon. Hey, if nothing else, you’ll probably lose some water weight.

      I won’t be able to go to the beach tomorrow, but I’ve got it pegged for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’ll get some exercise in on the other days, it’s just not as fun.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve had two good weeks, Bradley! Congrats on the weight loss, too. I’m on Lose It, too (although I have not been logging much lately, though plan to kick things up again), so I’ll have to look up that group.

  4. Two good weeks is awesome. I’m with Rose, try not to forget to be in the moment so you can enjoy it. Looking forward always ramps my anxiety, but mindfulness seems to help me!

    1. Rose and you are correct. It’s funny that I’m going to a nearby college this morning where I’ll be speaking to a class on mindfulness. They ask me to do this every semester. Funny how I can easily talk about it, yet struggle to incorporate it in to my life.

      1. I totally get that! I find that I often know what to do but cannot seem to implement it. We’re a work in progress…
        Good luck on the speaking engagement!

    1. Haven’t been there yet, but will be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In fact I’ll be going when I wake up first thing in the morning. Can’t wait

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