Weekly Wrap-Up October 24, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up


Skies are blue again. I had one of those wonderful weeks where I felt so well that I thought I was “cured.” That’s okay, I know that’s not true, but I’m not going to focus on the negative. Right now, I’m going to savor every second of this feel-good period. I did get a lot of exercise and got a lot of sunshine so I’m certain those were contributing factors to get me out of my funk.

I did deal with some anxiety. As I get better, my world gets bigger and it freaks me out. I get overwhelmed. That’s okay, though. I understand it’s just growing pains and it means I’ve had some progress. I’ll post more about the overwhelmed part later this week.

Weight and Fitness

Weight on Oct 15: 264.0 lbs.
Weight on Oct 22: 258.4 lbs.
Total loss: 5.6 lbs.

I’m back, Baby! I’ve been so frustrated about my weight that I looked back on my history. This year my weight yo-yoed and when all was said and done, my weight hasn’t changed at all in the past nine months. I finally got sick of it. I’ve been trying to stay within my Weight Watchers daily food goal. I haven’t been perfect at it, that’s for sure, but I have gotten much better.

AIDS Walk signExercise has been the key though. Maurice and I have been walking together 4.5 – 5.5 miles every evening through our neighborhood. There were plenty of nights I didn’t want to go and he pushed just enough to get me off my ass and head out the door. The weight loss last week has given me more drive to keep this going.

Physically this week has started out great. On Saturday, we went for a 6 mile walk along the beach and Sunday we were in the AIDS Walk for another 6 miles. We had a friend with us in the AIDS Walk and had such a good time that it’s hard to believe it was that long. I was surprised when we reached the finish line.


Another great week. I’ve been devoting plenty of time to my writing and it shows. I’m writing more and the material is better. I’m very pleased.

I’ve commented before that I do my best writing where it’s quiet, such as home or the library, and my best editing somewhere busy, like Starbucks. Well, ignore that because I’m finding all my best work is done when I’m at Starbucks. I have no idea why. I can’t explain it, but it’s true.

It’s a struggle at Starbucks to get a seat with an outlet, but eventually I’m able to find one so that I can keep my phone and computer charged. I somehow stumbled upon some music titled “Music for Writers” It’s soothing classical music, classical guitar and just a little bit of light jazz. I put my headphones on, lower the music to where I can barely hear it and I go to town. For you writers out there, I highly recommend downloading the music.


There’s not more that I can add to what I’ve said above. My grade this week is a solid “A”

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  1. SO glad you got an A this week! Woo hoo!
    I’m really proud of you and please thank Maurice for getting you out that door.

    And thanks for the tip about the Writers Music – I’m going to check that out. I like to listen to this YouTube loop which has received almost 1.5 million views.

    3 Hour Study Focus Music: Alpha Waves, Brain Music, Concentration Music, Calming Music, Focus,

    1. Your support also helped getting me out of the refrigerator and out the door. You deserve much credit. I look forward to checking out the youtube video. The key to me with the music is to turn it so low that I can hear it, but forget that it’s even there.

      1. Awww, you just made my day, Bradley! I like to turn the volume super-low as well so that it’s more “ambient noise” than anything else. And if it can somehow magically help me focus better (for real or through the placebo effect) I’m all for it! 🙂

  2. Wow, wondrous writers really. Oh Bradley so cool you got a big A+ this week and you deserve it all the way through the beach and back. Maurice did push, gently you admit, but you probably had had enough with the other side. It takes in my humble opinion, the outer motivation and the inner one no matter how slight. Thanks so much for sharing, I love low music too when am writing. I equally love it quiet and yes it’s fun to feel so fine 🙂

    1. You’re right. Though the pushing never hurts, it does take some self motivation to get out that door.

  3. Yay! An A! While it still takes so much effort, I try not to think of what may be coming when I feel good. I’m learning how to accept those good times and enjoy what I can get. You know, focusing on the positive instead of the negative. I’m happy to hear you had such a great week!

    1. When you feel good, it does take a lot of effort to not focus on what may be ahead, but I do try to focus on the near and how as best I can, I can get overwhelmed, though, as you’ll see in tomorrows post.

  4. I’m so happy for an “A” week! I can feel how wonderful the week was in your writing of this post. Keep absorbing that sunshine and enjoy those long walks. I’ll be hoping for another A week this week.

  5. Bradley, I am so happy for you’re A+ week! Your weight loss was great, your walking and writing, so proud of you. Hope you keep feeling happy and enjoy this week as well.

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