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Many months back I committed to doing regular updates regarding my weight loss (or gains.) That didn’t work out too well so now I’m making a more difficult decision; from now on Monday’s posts are reserved for updates on my weight.

The posts won’t be long, just a quickie update and a picture that, hopefully, will chronicle my weight loss.
To start out, here’s the stats from the beginning til my today.

Original Maximum Weight: 303 lbs

Goal Weight: 160 lbs

This loss/gain this week: – 3.4 lbs

Total loss so far 45.4 lbs

Current weight 258 lbs

I was surprised by the weight I lost this past week. I don’t think there was a single ounce of food that I ate that was healthy and I did virtually no exercise at all. How I lost, I don’t know, but it seems against the laws of physics. I’m not complaining…just in shock.

I tried speaking to my pdoc about the possibility of changing some meds that don’t make me so hungry all the time. His response was he was not going to change my meds and I should not eat any food that contains fructose. (sigh) I think its time to consider getting a new doctor.

Here’s a picture of how I look today. Photos I will probably update once a month. Check back each week and help me reach my goal.

May 26, 2014
May 26, 2014

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  1. ya, i think a new doc sounds like a good idea. they should be willing to work with you, and your goals. they should also want to encourage better health via weightloss and eating less/ie being less hungry due to meds. He should not be the only person making the decisions about your meds and your health and your life.

    1. My only problem is that he’s with the county so I’m not sure I can afford anyone else. I can fill out a form requesting a switch of doctors except he’s the head of the department so all the other staff (who are residents in training) go to him for final decisions.

      He doesn’t listen so I hope I can afford someone else.

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