Weight Watchers….Back Again

I took a big step last year.  Actually a giant step.  I joined Weight Watchers.  I was excited.  I knew I was going to be the perfect little weight watcher you ever did see.  I just new that I would be able to get down to at lease 200 lbs by the years end.  I was going to conquer against the fat within me.  I was going to be a champion. 

The first couple of weeks on the Weight Watchers plan I logged every little piece of food I ate.  The program was working great for me.  I lost a bit of weight and could see myself dwindling down to nothing in a very short time.  Then, for some reason I stopped tracking my meals and began doing it in my head.  That doesn’t work, or it was not going to work for me.  As Pooh says, “I’m a bear of little brain.”   I’ve been having monthly passes automatically deducted from my bank account, but was not doing the things I was suppose to be doing.  Anyone who knows me will know that this is no big surprise.   

I kept going back from time to time, but definitely not enough and my weight went up instead of down.  Being the self-centered individual that I am, I blamed Weight Watchers.  They were the ones who were suppose to help me lose weight.  It didn’t matter that I never went in for my weekly weigh ins or attended any meetings, it was still THEIR fault! 

So, now I’m going back again.  When I decided not to go through with the gastric bypass surgery, I new I had to find a good alternitive.  I was getting my monthly cards from weight watchers, so that seemed like a good place to start.  They better get it right this time.   Even though all tests show that I am in very good health, I still worry about killing myself by not losing weight.  I don’t want this plan to work for me.  I realize that I have to work the plan.  That’s something I really didn’t get before. 

Maurice to the rescue!  Maurice had a bad feeling about the bypass surgery from the beginning.  When I told him that I would continue to act “as if” and try to lose the first 35lbs on my own, I could see the relief on his face.  35 lbs is what the surgeon wants me to lose before he could do the surgery.  As I said before, if I could lose 35 lbs, why the hell would I need the surgery anyway.  Maurice knew I wanted help so he agreed to join Weight Watchers with me so that he could understand the program.  This is especially important since Maurice does all the cooking in our household.  His family is Creole, so it’s no surprise that our meals are more about taste then healthy.  Hopefully with the two of us working together we can get the ball rolling.  He could lose a pound or two himself.  Sorry Hun, it’s true, but you know I luvs ya.

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