Well, I’m Trying to Keep my Promise

In my recent post I stated I was going to post something every day in hopes that my old blogging skills will revive.  Unfortunately I haven’t stayed true to that promise I made myself.  Things aren’t really going that bad for me, I just have lost my blogging mojo.  I swore a couple of times that I was going to quit altogether, but returned with the support of some of my regulars and from my family. 

So, do I have anything to say?  Well, yes.  I have lost over 20 pounds from going to Weight Watchers and exercising (I haven’t been exercising this week so I’ll hang my head in shame). 

Any Gleeks out there?  I admit it’s this 48 year old man’s guilty please.  If you are and you watched Tuesday nights episode, what did you think?  There were so many things wrong with the episode, however it’s one of my all time favorites.  If you can look past the major holes that a truck could drive through, then you probably had a great time.

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