What the Hell?

Last week I was so proud of myself. I ate healthier than normal. I ate smaller portions than normal. I did a lot of outdoor walking as well as using the treadmill and elliptical at school. I was really sticking to the Weight Watchers plan. I weighed in today at 214.6 which means I gained .6 pounds. Granted .6 pounds may not seem like much, but it is when I was predicting that I lost about 3 lbs.

The total amount I lost so far is 88.8 lbs. but I just can’t seem to break the 90 lb. barrier. I love Weight Watchers, I truly believe in the program. Having lost 88 lbs. I shouldn’t really complain – but I am.

Damn! I’m going to be pissy all day…harrumph.

3 comments on What the Hell?

  1. Thank you, guys. I know I shouldn’t whine after losing nearly 90 lbs. I’ll force myself to appreciate it more.

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