Wheatfield With Crows

If you ask people what is their favorite Van Gogh painting, I believe most would say Starry Night.  The painting above, Wheatfield With Crows, which he painted during the last month of his life, is my favorite.

I believe Vincent painted this because he knew he would not live much longer.  He knew he would be taking his own life soon. That is why the crows are flying away.  This is why this amazing work of art is my favorite.  Not because I’m morbid, but, because I believe it clearly depicts his feelings at that time.  Each of his paintings tells me where he was mentally, and sometimes physically, at that point in his life.  That is why I love Van Gogh so much.  Likely to have been bipolar, Vincent speaks to me. It is hard for me to see any Van Gogh and not tear up.  Thank you, Vincent, for a lifetime of paintings, each calling me and telling me a different story. 

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  1. A lovely post, Bradley. Like you, I get very teary looking at Van Gogh. I tend to think of him as being somebody I would have really liked to have met. He is my Joni Mitchell of the art world. 🙂

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