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Vincent Van Gogh – In His Own Words

For those of you who use the WordPress Reader, please let me know if you saw this post in your reader, or if you only saw it via email. I’ve been having technical problems. Thank you! *********************************************** As you may know, I have a passion for Van Gogh. I’ve posted this video a couple times […]

Van Gogh – Throwback Thursday

If you are a new reader of mine. I must give you fair warning that I am obsessed with Vincent van Gogh and post about him often. This week’s Throwback Thursday comes from May 5, 2014. Most of my readers know my love for Vincent van Gogh. It’s been six months since I’ve written an […]

Vincent Van Gogh

I have a passion for Vincent Van Gogh, so I try to schedule a post about him every year. However, looking back I see I typically write about him every 6 months or so. The following is a repost of an article I wrote in May of this year. Most of my readers know my […]

van Gogh

Most of my readers know my love for Vincent van Gogh. It’s been six months since I’ve written an article about him, so I decided it was time to dedicate another post. There’s a wonderful Youtube video at the end, but I’ve chosen to give a brief biography as well. It’s not a full biography, […]

Wednesday’s Quote: Vincent Van Gogh

I’m doing  something a little different this week.  Instead of posting one quote, I decided to post this wonderful tribute to Vincent Van Gough.  I’ve posted this before, but those of you who know my passion for Vincent shouldn’t be surprised that I decided to post it again.  I’m sure I’ll post again in the […]


I posted this beautiful tribute to Vincent Van Gogh a few months back.  Since then I’ve gained many new readers and I decided to show it again.  Because I can relate to the pain that Vincent had during his lifetime, I feel a deep bond with him.  There are many creative tributes to Vincent on […]

Where’s My Funny Bone?

When I first started this blog I was a fucking mess.  I would cry for no reason, I became agoraphobic and could not leave the apartment.  I became unable to answer the phone, and I would confuse easily and even get lost if I was able to force myself out the door.    I had such […]

Van Gogh – In His Own Words

Because of my love for all things Van Gogh, I’ve been planning on creating a YouTube video showing some of his paintings while playing the song Vincent (Starry Starry Night.) It’s been done many times already, however, I’ve been certain I could do better. Yesterday I stumbled upon this gem. Nothing I could create could […]

Wheatfield With Crows

If you ask people what is their favorite Van Gogh painting, I believe most would say Starry Night.  The painting above, Wheatfield With Crows, which he painted during the last month of his life, is my favorite. I believe Vincent painted this because he knew he would not live much longer.  He knew he would be taking his own life soon. That […]


I’ve mentioned before that Vincent Van Gogh has always been my favorite painter. I’ve marveled at his masterpieces and the deep passion in each one. “Lust for Life” is written about the life of Van Gogh. Vincent and his brother Theo wrote back and forth frequently and fortunately for the rest of us, Theo saved […]