Why I Blog Take II

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why i blog

I’m not sure what to say in my first post. It’s kind of like when people start in yearbooks or letters with “What can I say?” That’s always driven me crazy.

This blog will reflect my daily thoughts, random musings as well as a record of my struggle with bipolar and weight. I’m hoping that by putting it “all out there”, that I’ll stay motivated in seeking more balance in my life.
Tomorrow I have to go to my psychiatric clinic to give blood for a test. I believe there’s a scale handy. If so, I’ll use it and be able to post my start weight (gulp). It ain’t going to be pretty. From there I’ll give more info as to what this is all about. Hopefully soon I’ll relax a bit and can put a little more fun into my posts.

That quote is from April 17, 2008 and was my first blog post. Titled “Out of the Starting Gate” it is very telling of what was to come. When people ask me why I began blogging, I tell them it was just an outlet to vent and I had no expectations anyone would read it. Now, when I read that first post, I can tell that isn’t true. If I was writing only for myself, I would not have been concerned with “putting it all out there.” In fact, my second post was an interview with myself so that readers could get to know me. In addition to wanting readers, I found the last sentence curious. I refer to putting fun into my posts. Apparently, I was not only looking for readers, but I wanted to entertain them as well.

The readers came. At first it was a few friends. Later, people with bipolar. There weren’t nearly as many mental health blogs, as there are today, so I was one of a few who helped people realize they were not alone – there was someone who understood what they were going through. Most rewarding was when friends and family members of those with bipolar started reading. The comments and the emails I received, thanking me for providing insight of what it’s like living with bipolar, overwhelmed me at times.

I was pleased to gain readership, but did I entertain? Yes, I did. I got the attention of some writers of humor blogs and they became regular readers. People who had no one in their life with bipolar, that they were aware of, began reading. They were enjoying a laugh while learning about a disease that they had no understanding of whatsoever.

Now I know why I started blogging, but, why do I blog today? The answer is, for the same reasons. Am I still entertaining? I hope so. I know my writing is no longer as witty or downright funny as it used to be, but, I have regular readers who I don’t think would come back if they are bored. They may not be laughing like they use to, but they’re still there.

Am I still helping others? I’m told I am. I’m an alcoholic and I have worked the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. For those of you unfamiliar with the details of the steps, the twelfth step reads, “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” That’s exactly what I’m doing for bipolar disorder. I carry the message that there are many of us who understand. You don’t have to live with this disease all alone. You can learn from others and how they adapted. That, my friends, is a message worth carrying – That is why I blog.

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  1. It is our responsibility to share our successes and our flops with others. Why our flops? So that others with bipolar know we are real and have experienced many of the same disappointments and horrors they have. We see and experience life through a unique filter and only those who have it can completely understand. Sharing successes gives both us and others hope to keep striving to live our best life, whatever that may be at any given moment. I do share this one on one face to face with people I meet fairly often. There are a lot of hurting, mentally ill people in my county. I touched a few more people when I had my blogs up but for various reasons I stopped writing. Perhaps I should start again. Bradley, you are the second blogger who is making me examine myself about starting my blog up again. I’m glad you started yours. Thanks.

    1. I’m honored that my posts encourage you to start blogging again. Based on your comments, I think it’d be a good idea. Maybe you’d like to do a guest post for me sometime soon to get your feet wet.

      I agree that it’s very important to share the good with the bad. If we don’t, we won’t connect with some who read our blogs.

  2. Thank you, Bradley. Now I am the one who feels honored that you have extended that invitation. I will start writing again and would consider it a privilege to share a post with you.

  3. Bradley hey-hey, this was a lovely post. I haven’t delved into bi-polar too much, but I’m thinking it has something to do with mood swings from one end of the spectrum to the other. I have these sometimes.

    I’m glad you have the courage to be frank about yourself and are a strong example of a man who offers friendship to others, who might otherwise continue to live a reclusive life and suffer by themselves. You’re a huge help and I like that you toss in a bit of humor. As for the weight … it’s just a number and it matters not a whit to me. Hugs from me to you!

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