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Here it is, my first ever “Caption This Wednesday.” An old blogging friend use to have these and they were always fun. He’s no longer blogging so I’m stepping in. Come up with the best caption you can for this pic and all entries will be judged. The winner will be announced Thursday afternoon. No limit to entries but each one must be a separate comment and not listed all together in one. The winner will have the proud honor of being announced the winner with their name typed in BOLD. What more could you ask for? This blog is just being revived so your chances of winning are very good. Let ’em rip….

17 comments on Caption This Wednesday

  1. option 2 –

    Walt felt a little awkward in his short-sleeved button up and tie. But wrinkles, scowl and tie be damned – there was no denying he was the only man in the club with the coochie.

  2. That awkward moment when Jerry realized that the crazy looking woman standing in the doorway with a gun was his wife.

  3. Kim go sez: “Mormon Elders Gone Wild! Get a FREE, 20-Minute HD Scene sent straight to your inbox. No Strings Attached”

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