How is Bradley – Physically?


I updated how things have been going for me mentally. Now it’s time to catch you up on how things are going physically. In the beginning, on the second post I made on this blog, I whined about weighing 293 pounds. Now that’s a lot for a guy who’s only 5’5″ tall. Well, quite a bit more than a lot. That’s a helluva lot. I posted it for all to see to encourage me to start doing something about it…..and I did….I gained even more. One of the not so great side effects of psych meds is possible weight gain. I was on two different medications that not only slowed my metabolism, but also made me ravenous. Not a good combination to have. I blew up like Veruca Salt.

Seeking help I joined Weight Watchers expecting to be slim and hot within a matter of months. There was just one problem…once again…I gained even more. There’s a funny thing about Weight Watchers, you can’t just show up at their meetings each week and expect to lose weight. They actually have a program you have to follow. Silly me. Eventually I reached my highest point of 305 lbs. There’s a supermarket across the street from our apartment and I literally had to stop a minimum of 4 times because of my aching sides and my need to catch my breathe, and no one would sit next to me on the bus, and when I flew I’d have to get a flight attendant to get me an extension for my seat belt.  (sigh)  It was not fun. Well, maybe having my own bus seat wasn’t so bad.

How I got from 305 lbs to where I am today is coming soon.  In the meantime, the winner of yesterdays “Caption This” contest will be announced later this afternoon or early evening (Pacific time). You have plenty of time to get your entry in. A lot of good ones have come in but no decisions have been made. Good luck to all contestants.


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