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I’m King of the Meds!

One of the thrills of being bipolar is the contest of taking more pills than other friends or people in your support group. Now that my pdoc put me on another one I take 8 pills every morning and 6 pills every night. Woo Hoo! I know some who take sixteen or more a day, […]

I’m a He/She and I’m Proud of it

Saturday I was walking to the mailbox when I overheard a woman telling a story to her daughter. I’ll paraphrase the conversation: Mother: …so she said she was going to take her wife to Catalina for the weekend. Daughter: That’s really nice of her. Mother: (giggling) Did you not hear me? I said she is […]

OMG It’s Hot!

Just a few days ago it was cold and today it’s up to 95F. What the hell is that about? Church service was a mess today. It was our ministers day off so we had a guest minister who was Christian. Now there are Christian UU ministers, just like there are Buddhist UU ministers, Pagan […]

Some People Just Don’t Get It

Finally, here’s a picture of my glorious self. It was taken just a few days ago: I prefer not to be that scruffy. In fact, just today I had the beard and mustache cut back significantly. I’ll get around to posting that. Something’s been buggin me since I got an email recently from one of […]

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