Cookie Dough Party!

Yesterday I met with my pdoc and we decided to adjust my meds…..again. I always thought I was adaptable to change, but my God, will it ever stop! We’re going to try and wean me off of Depakote because it is likely to be one of the reasons I’ve had the shakes so badly. (chihuahua Syndrome) When we were discussing this we were both happy about it, because another one of the side effects is weight gain, and that would mean I would finally be no longer on any of the meds that are notorious for that dreadful side effect.

The above picture is of my niece. We’re are nearly identical in thought about every taste, including wondering why anyone would waste good cookie dough by cooking it. Last week, she and I decided to have a cookie dough party after Maurice and I stumbled on a 3 1/2 pound tub sold at the grocery store. Can you imagine? I don’t know who invented these fabulous kegs of dough, but I love them…or hate them. I’m not so sure which. An hour after the discovery, she and I were sitting on the couch, watching movies, and enjoying spoonfuls of the stuff. Clearly she can afford a cookie dough party. I’m a different story.

I’ve been hovering between 285 and 290 pounds for almost two months now. Each day I pound my fist through the wall, and each night I cry myself to sleep. Okay, those are gross exaggerations, but it is damn frustrating. I’m thinking I should call my pdoc and tell her that I should stay on my Depakote. I mean, if I no longer have a weight gaining drug to point my finger at, then what in the hell will I do? I shudder the thought that I’ll have to admit that things like cookie dough parties are the culprit. When that day comes it will be a sad, sad day.

P.S. Don’t attempt to mention the dangers of eating raw cookie dough, or you’ll get a virtual punch in the mouth.

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  1. I am happy for you. I hope this next change works. You also made me LOL!!! I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and we think the meds are stable!!! Good luck with this change…I know it sucks. You know you can freeze cookie dough for later consumption?

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm….cookie dough. And 3.5 pounds? Mmmmmmmmmm…..lotsa cookie dough…lol. At least cookie dough is low in sugar and fat, and high in fiber, so you’re good there.;-)I’m just wandering around today and wanted to see how you’re doing. I’ve missed you on SL, and hope to see you soon. Take care, Bradley!

  3. @Clueless I’m getting more stable as we go along, so I’m hoping too. Keep your fingers crossed.@Crighton Good to hear from you. I’m flying out to visit my daughter next month in your fair city. I’ve never met a virtual friend before but perhaps I could meet you and you’re lovely wife. Especially if you invite me over for a cookie dough party.@old man Don’t like cookie dough? Man, you are even more crotchety than I thought.

  4. Sorry, but I must be crotchety because I hate cookie dough. I love cookies and sweets and love to bake as you have seen my alter personality. Everything from scratch. Sorry. But, I have no prejudice about those that love the stuff.

  5. hmm…just waht exactly bipolar disorder is? it must have been difficult, doesn’t it. šŸ™ hopeyou’ll get ok. :(

  6. I love cookie-dough with a passion. It’s why whenver I used to make toll-house cookies only one cookie sheet actually got baked.

  7. I eat cookie dough. I’ve been eating cookie dough for 30 years, though my 3rd grade teacher threatened the practice my telling my mom about salmonella:(I had an aunt who made cookie dough so there! I also eat biscuit, bread and pizza dough and cake batter!

  8. Hey Bradley-I totally get the cookie dough thing! Just take a look at my post on the subject, The Cookie Dough Factor, which I believe I wrote in late February. You’ll see, we are totally in sync on this one!

  9. First what a fantastic photo of your niece! that’s how I feel inside this old body! LOL bucket of cookie dough? yum. even those break apart cookie doughs never seem to make it into my oven!

  10. Cookie dough is made of awesome! Although I must admit there’s a big toos up for me between that and fresh baked cookies right from the oven. Nice to meet you! Good luck with the meds and with the weight loss.

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