Entrecard Steps Into Comments

For you bloggers out there, if you aren’t familiar with Entrecard, then you’re missing out. Entrecard is a great way to direct people to your blog, as well as getting you to theirs. It has helped draw traffic to my blog and I’ve appreciated the new people and new comments that have resulted.

Now Entrecard is even more exciting because they’ve teamed up with SezWho. SezWho enhances the Entrecard network by getting into the realm of ratings and comments. Now your posts can be rated to help improve the quality of your blog, in addition to allowing ratings of comments. Rating comments may get your readers to think more seriously about what type of comments they’d like to leave. This creates a more social aspect to the Entrecard system.

I for one have been happy since I joined Entrecard and look forward to their alliance with SezWho.

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  1. Shiv
    July 18, 2008 at 21:45

    It’s looking pretty good so far, I love being able to hover over a commenters name and see where else they’ve been commenting (slightly voyeuristic admittedly). I just wish the SezWho addon would work on the “leave a comment” page too!

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