It’s Official….I’m Old

I’ve never been one bothered by age much. When I was 25 I was a little depressed because hearing I’m a quarter century old was a bit disheartening. I got over that and haven’t been bothered by any birthday since. Yesterday, however, that all changed. The change is worse than crows feet, stiffer joints, birthdays or or finding grey hairs in regions I dare not mention. Yesterday my eye doctor told me I need bifocals.

I can’t wear bifocals. My dad wore bifocals! To make matters worse, because the government is having to pick up most of the bill, I can only get the bifocals that have the big line across the middle. Sigh. Sigh again. Because of the government assistance, I was concerned that the choices I got in frames would be very limited and ugly. The choices were limited, but I got a pair that I think looks nice and not older at all and then I think about that damn line across the middle again. Another big sigh. I’ll be sweating it out thinking about what they’ll look like until they come in about 30 days from now.

My diet last night went pretty well. I had Jambalaya with greasy sausage followed by a delicious pint of Ben & Jerry’s. No lectures now. It was a pint of the Ben & Jerry’s yogurt brand ice cream. Certainly there can’t be any calories in that.

There’s one good thing that’s coming out of all this. I’m pissed off about the bifocals, I’m frustrated over how poorly my diet is going. Yet, despite it all I’m down but not depressed. I actually think I’m feeling more the blues like most people get. Interesting to have balance. It feels good.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I’m glad that you had a good meal for it!! Bifocals…hmmm, my arms seem to be getting longer. I know every year since I turned 40, I’ve noticed a change and the inevitable is coming so I’ll be joining you…AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Sorry about the line…I know what you mean

  2. @Clueless Oops, sorry if I made it sound like my birthday. It was just glutenous and the dreaded glasses. I’m 44 and the flyer in the doctors office said 40 is the magic number. Don’t wait too long. Squinting all the time is no fun.

  3. Oh, I’ve worn glasses since I was three or so. I sometimes forget that others have not worn them before. No squinting, but for the last three years although my prescription has changed we have left it at the previous one to help me adjust to some blurriness since that is going to be a huge issue with me. I have to have things really sharp. With my normal presciptions, I see 20/10. With the compromise, I only see 20/20 and it bugs me!!!!

  4. Bradley, I can match you and see you one with tri-focals.Good news- they are line less bad news- I need new ones on public assistance. I think you are the funniest thing on our side of the blog world and that is a good thing! Peace Annie

  5. I hate getting older! Turned 40 this year, and I’m sorry, but it sucks!That’s all I got.I guess it’s my way of saying, “I feel your pain, dude!” Although I don’t need BIfocals, yet!Happy Birthday!

  6. At 44, you’re a mere baby. At 44, I wasn’t wearing glasses; I could walk up a flight of stairs without holding onto a banaster and grunting; I had more hair; my feet weren’t yet numb; I could go hiking without thinking about breaking a hip, leg, or arm; and I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with a major mental illness – I only had “depression” then.Oh, well. Look at all the things you’ve got to look forward to, but then you’re already halfway there.;*(Rob

  7. I was told I should get bifocals, too. But for a different reason, my close vision is perfect, I just need glasses for seeing distance. Doctor said that way I won’t have to take my glasses off every 3 minutes. I’m fighting this. It’s my last stand, I think.

  8. Hey Bradley! Seems I figured out my computer issues and your blog just in time to wish you happy bifocals. No worries -guys in glasses can be sexy 😉 Woot!I'm feeling old these days too… Let's strategize – we are too young to feel old! Pass the Ben & Jerry's please.

  9. Bifocals, bald, salt & pepper beard?!?! HOT!!!!Bradley you're always gonna be sexy to me! And I love ya!!!

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