Countdown – Last Chance to Win the Name the Blog Contest


Just one day left for the Name the Blog Contest. The winner will not only receive an Amazon $10 ecard, they’ll get the honor of telling their friends and family that they are the one who re-named my blog. Could that person be you?

Once again here are the rules:

The name of the blog must contain the word “bipolar”. I’d prefer if the name had both “bipolar” and “depression” in it, but the word “bipolar” must be. Remember, the title should be relatively short so the URL address won’t be too difficult to remember. All submissions must be received by 12 noon on Saturday, January 4th. To play just submit your entry in today’s comment section.

So far I’ve received 79 submissions, but the contest is far from over. Get your entries in ASAP.

20 comments on Countdown – Last Chance to Win the Name the Blog Contest

    1. Thank you. Nobody, that I can recall, has used the word “chronicle”. Interesting…

  1. here is a stream of consciousness

    The Tetter-Totter Life of a BiPolar

    Wearing Rose Coloured Then Dark Coloured Glasses

    Seeing Through VaryingTinted Glass

    Half Full/ Half Empty

  2. It’s interesting how different so many of these entries are. That’s why this is going to be hard to make a final decision.. Keep ’em coming…

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