Time Is Up

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Time is up.  No more entries accepted for the Name My Blog contest. Thank you to everyone who solicited ideas. I’m overwhelmed that I received well over 100 ideas.

This is going to be difficult because I would have an idea in my head of what I wanted and then I’d read a couple of entries that were different from others and I would change my mind. One minute I thought I wanted something silly and the next I’d think I wanted something more serious. Then I’d think I wanted something business-like and then I’d think I was looking for a name that had a dry sense of humor. What this means is that I currently have no idea what type of style I’ll decide on. The positive side of that is everyone is a potential winner.

I’ll be looking through them all and I’ll have to make sure URL’s are even available for use. I hope to announce the winner in the next couple of days.

Thank you again to those who participated.

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  1. I was reading through those on your list here plus on BC and you really got some good ones Bradley, so I can see how it’s going to be difficult to choose. Anyway, go with your heart and your head and all will be well.

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