What Is The New Name For This Blog? Contest Winners Announced


I was overwhelmed and honored to have over 100 blog names submitted. I originally planned to go with something more professional rather than it sounding like a personal blog. On the other hand, my writing is usually pretty light-hearted and I felt like the name should reflect that. Torn between each, my mind went back and forth, back and forth, not sure which direction I should go. As I was looking through the plethora of submissions I saw two together and realized I had my answer: My blog name can be both professional and fun at the same time. There are two winners:

The first winner is Michele whose blog is Digging Myself Out. Her submission was “Depression and Bipolar Disorder: A life’s Struggle.”

This was a pretty serious submission, however, the “Depression and Bipolar Disorder” with the colon stuck with me. What else could I place after the colon?

The second winner is Lora, who I don’t believe has a blog, but is a regular reader of “How is Bradley.” Her submission was “Bipolar Bear,” Instantly this was my favorite. I loved it. Unfortunately when I checked the URL’s, “Bipolar Bear” was taken in every conceivable way I could imagine. At first I was very disappointed, but I kept receiving an onslaught of great options, so I stopped worrying about it. Then, when I looked at the two submissions together, I knew I had this blogs new name. The name is:

“Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Insights From a bipolar Bear”

I know it’s long, but that’s okay. The new URL will be:

Sure, its long, but I think that’s okay because it’s plain, simple and easy to remember. I will get the blog moved over to its new location as soon as possible.

In the meantime, why don’t you head over and “Like” my Facebook page. it’s new so I could use more “Likes” Also, you’ll be notified when the new site is up and running, you’ll get notified when I publish a new post, and you’ll also receive snippets of information in between. After checking “Like,” please be sure and choose “Get Notification” by hovering over the “Like” button. Here is the link to the Facebook page:


You can also follow me on twitter, I could use some more friends and followers there, as well. You can reach me on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/InsightsBiPBear

If you’d like to reach me via email, my address is bradley@insightbipolarbear.com

Michele and Lora will each receive a $10 Amazon ecard. Thank you to everyone who participated. I was genuinely impressed with so many good submissions.

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