No New Year Resolutions, But I Do Have A Goal

I’ve commented before that I gained a lot of weight when I began taking bipolar medication. A Lot. I was overweight to begin with, but the meds made my weight skyrocket to 303 lbs. That’s overweight for pretty much anyone, but especially for a guy who’s only 5’5” tall. You see, not only do some of the meds slow down your metabolism, but, they increase your appetite. That’s a deadly combination.

Choosing not to undergo gastric bypass surgery, against my doctor’s recommendation, I chose to join Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with Weight Watchers – you have to follow the program. For the first year I didn’t get that. I attended the meetings every week, but did not change my eating habits and I did not exercise. I guess I thought the weight would just magically disappear just by sitting in the meeting room.
After a year of this madness, Maurice decided to help me get motivated and joined Weight Watchers also. It was the kick in the butt I needed. I got serious with the program and reduced my weight to 213. A 90 lbs loss. Just 10 lbs away from a 100 lbs loss and I was excited to be approaching such a huge milestone.

Then, something happened. Suddenly in January of last year I continued going to the meetings, but stopped eating healthy and exercised much less. I went back to my old habits. The Weight Watchers program is easy. Eat right and exercise….we’ve heard it all before, but the loving support and being held accountable is why it’s so successful. I must have lost my mind. I started gaining again. I didn’t gain much each week. Maybe ½ lbs one week, 1 ½ lbs the next week. Each week was not so bad. The problem is that if you string a series of not so bad weight increases, they eventually build up to yes, so bad. Over the past year I gained 38 lbs back and currently weigh 251 lbs. The strange thing is I’m okay with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled about the gain, but I accept it. I own it. I have no doubt that had it not been for Weight Watchers I would have gained a whole lot more.

So now I’ve regained my resolve. It’s the New Year, but this is by no means a resolution…It’s a goal. My goal is to average a loss of 1 lbs each week. If I’m successful I will have lost 52 lbs and weigh in at 199 lbs next year. Studies show that many people who lose weight gain it all back and frequently gain even more. I’m thankful that is not me. I haven’t even gained back 50% of my loss. That bit of news makes me very happy. Proud even.

As an additional motivator I will be writing regular blog articles, with pictures, more frequently as another way to hold myself accountable. Keep checking back to witness my success.

Bradley at 303 pounds
Bradley at 303 pounds
Bradley at 251pounds
Bradley at 251pounds

10 comments on No New Year Resolutions, But I Do Have A Goal

  1. Hi Bradley…. I love the new look of your blog

    I think you should feel proud of what you have lost. Okay, there was a slight gain, but it would be madness not to embrace the considerable loss from 303lbs to the current 251. It sounds as if you have a great attitude towards your goal and I wish you every success

  2. Brad I have the opposite problem and its just as bad sometimes, I have to force myself to eat and its not an enviable place either. You go gurl!

  3. That’s a problem many wish they had, but, I know for some it’s just as bad as dealing with the overweight issue. Thanks for reading, Shiva. I’d love reading more of your feedback.

  4. Hi Bradley, first off, you better be damn proud of yourself! I am lisa, and I happened to come upon your blog just searching for help with bipolar disorder. I feel as if I already know you . I too have struggled for 16 years with bipolar, horrendous drug (any and every type) use, alcohol abuse and self mutilation. Anyway,I WOULD tell you that I admire your courage, willingness, and strength, but I strongly agree with you that we, as humans, well…..we just ARE. Thats all that we want to be. Simple.

      1. Your blog is very interesting! Love it, awesome work! In a sense, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as well. Just hearing a REAL persons actual story and journey of their life, I know now that people can relate in some sense!!!
        Thanks Bradley 🙂 keep it up!

  5. I feel like we have so much in common it is crazy, for want of a better word LOL Last year I too lost 90 pounds and just as I was coming in to break the 100 mark I started to slowly but surly gain back. I have now gained just over 30 pounds back but like you say that is still a lot better than I was so I too shall own it. I am restarting with a vengeance even though I know the pills I have to take are working against me, it is still possible as I have done it once I can do it again. And by the way, I think you look great in your second picture! Bradley you are amazing for the success you have had and your positive attitude, also for writing this great blog which I always look forward to. Thank you friend 🙂

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