Day One.

Sitting and Starbucks in Omaha right now having a delicious scone.

Day One: The trip was fabulous. The last time I flew I had to get one of those embarrasing extensions for my seat belt. This time I wasn’t even close to needing one. Woooo Hoooo! Those of you who keep telling me to stop worrying about my weight but instead notice how my body is reacting…Keep on telling me.

Took my daughter and my ex out to dinner last night and it went well. Had a great time with my kid playing video trivia and competing with everyone else at the restaurant. We actually did well. The ex and I “got along”. We really got along when I told her that Maurice may be able to build her a new pc at no charge. (Free stuff wins most people over).

Please, please say many prayers for me. Today we’re roller skating. I hope to be able to post again, If not, you’ll know I’m in the hospital.

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  1. I’m glad that you are having a good time and things are going well. Roller skating…just hang on to the rail and you will be fine.I don’t want to bring you down, but I want to continue to read your blog and I feel I need to say this. When you talk about your daughter and especially this trip, I feel that longing for what never was. It has been 25 years, since I last had any contact with my father and maybe four visits from 8-17 years old. I’m glad you keep in touch with yours because the heartache without that runs deep.

  2. You da man! Hope you don’t fall too hard but if you do just lie there and cry,but have a good time.

  3. So glad to hear you are enjoying your trip with your daughter. The few posts I have read so far about your trip always have a funny twist at some point. And so I get to laugh a little. Thank you for that. By the way have you stopped by Warren Buffet’s favorite diner? Sorry. I just had to ask. May you have a safe trip home.

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