Easy Livin in the South Bay

easy livin in the south bay lifeguard station at sunset

Not too long ago I participated in a special project by Jason over at Harsh Reality. It was called Project H, for Project Home. The purpose of it was to allow bloggers around the world to share a bit about their home. I participated with a post about living in the Los Angeles South Bay.  Jason reposted it today so I thought I’d share it too.  Here’s how it began:

I’m Bradley and I’m living proof that there doesn’t have to be just one place to call home. My first home was a small town in Southwest Michigan where I lived until I was ten. During my Junior and Senior High School years my home was in North Carolina.  In my twenties I began working in the hotel industry, which allowed me to live in many parts of the USA, and most of those places I called home. Of all the many homes I’ve had, my heart and my true home is where I live now – the Los Angeles South Bay.  Follow the link for the rest of the post.

Easy Livin in the South Bay…..

After reading the my post at Jason’s Blog, be sure to check out some of the other Project H posts that are listed in the right hand column. There are several interesting posts there.

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