It Wasn’t So Bad Afterall

So, major screw ups with the concert yesterday. Because last years concert was at 4pm, of course this year was at 2pm, right? Well, the choral group advised 2pm,but somewhere along the line I got some wires crossed and starting having it in my head as 4pm. I think it was when we copied last years tickets but changed the date. Anyway, big OOPS, there.

We tried everything we could to ensure word got out that it was actually at 2pm and it looks like we were successfully. The news articles said to call my number for more info and some who called got my message of the misprint, so ass was saved there.

Had hoped to bring in $2000 for Children of the Night, but ticket sales were lower than hoped (it’s a really busy weekend here in LA), plus with the cost of the concert being double what was expected. I swear it was half that last year. Anyway, Vox Femina, the choral group is worth it at any price. Children of the Night is an excellent organization, so we plan to get donations for them at church today so that should get us something to send them.

Skipped pride, was too exhausted. I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30am, though, and woke up before 7am bouncing off the walls. Looks like it’s going to be a manic day. We’ll see.

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  1. Congrats on pulling the concert together despite all the snafus. Sounds like a great charity, too. I just made a small donation after reading your blog post.

  2. I love your cartoon! Dry humor always gets me. Please let us know how the new meds work. I am on Seroquel but it is knocking me out. The pdoc mentioned Abilify and I go back in a couple of weeks so please let me know how it works. You will be a few weeks ahead of me-Yeah! I went to crazymeds and read a little about it. Glad your concert worked out well. Take care.

  3. Brad thanks for all your hard work! It’s incredible you volunteer for anything. Your one of the good people!Thanks to Maurice too! Michelle and Eileen’s Dad

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