The Concert From Hell

Today is the big day for the concert I arranged. How’s it going? Well, all the tickets and flier’s said 4pm when the concert is at 2pm. Today there was a beautiful write up about the concert with beautiful pictures and it said the concert is at 4pm.

So I’ll be standing there at 4pm, with money waiting to reimburse anyone who bought tickets in advance.

In addition, I had the check made out for the concert. It’s incorrect. The check is made out for half of what the chorus charges.


I realize that all of this would make anyone full of anxiety, but on top of it I woke up very manic this morning.

When it’s all over we’re going to gay pride in Long Beach. I hope I can unwind there. Wow.

Tomorrow I start the Bipolar & Depression Group that I organized. I’m not sure how many will show up to attend but I hope we have a few people to at least help to get it started. We’ll see.

I think until I get more stable, I probably shouldn’t take on anymore projects. It’s time to relax and let life flow a bit.

Enjoy your weekends.

3 comments on The Concert From Hell

  1. Yikes! What happened? Why did the tickets printed 4pm and the press release 4pm when the show is 2pm? What went wrong?I’m sorry to hear about you being so anxious I hope you get better soon. So what happened to the concert?

  2. Bradley – Just remember to breathe deeply. I know it sounds silly. No one can tell you it doesn’t matter or don’t worry – because both are not true. But… just take comfort in the fact that at some point events take on a life of their own. They just happen and you are along for the ride. I’m sending you lots and lots of good thoughts – knowing you must have passed through it at this time of day and headed on to Long Beach to relax. *hugs*Kim

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