A Gain and A Loss

I’m still like a giddy school girl. California enacting marriage equality yesterday has me dancing and twirling. I’m acting so gay. Btw, folks. Please start calling it “marriage equality” and not “gay marriage”, unless we all decide to start referring to “straight marriage” as well. Oh hell, call it whatever you want, I’m just damned excited.

The State Supreme Court said their decision would be announced at 10am. At 9:45 I was shaking. What would be their decision? The court is almost entirely conservative, but word of mouth was it was looking good.

I had the local NPR station blasting in the next room. The browser on my pc had a dozen tabs open with every news source, every equality group, and the state supreme court web page were prepared to feed me the news. At exactly 10am the report popped up on the Supreme Courts website. Of course, it was not a simple notice saying yes or no. That would be too easy. There was just the link to pull up their documentation. I listened to the radio for a second, checked out all the tabs and there was no announcement so I clicked the button and started to read. Damn attorneys, I might as well have been reading Chinese.

I was a madman scrolling up and down the pages. I didn’t give a rats ass if they said they were making Richard Simmons governor, I just wanted the answer and couldn’t comprehend this damn mess. Suddenly, I heard a voice on the radio say it had passed. I stopped breating for a second and my heart was about to explode out of my chest. I tried not to get excited. I didn’t trust what I heard. Furiously I checked the tabs on my browser back and forth. And then on MSNBC’s website a bright red bar across the top said “Breaking News” It confirmed what the radio said and I felt a rush run through my entire body. I screamed with delight and immediately called Maurice and friends. I called our minister and said to plan on another ceremony for us. Our last one was pretty casual. I hope this time I get to pick out a lovely wedding gown.

I also saw my pdoc yesterday. Another drug change (sigh). Actually this one has me excited. I’m switching from Seroquel to Abilify. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. The point is Seroquel is the most notorious drug for weight gain. I’ve gained 50 pounds since going on it which is normal. Of course, then the doctors tell you that you should do something about your weight. No Shit!

Yesterday I checked and found that in order to maintain my current weight I have to eat 3500 calories a day. Damn, I eat between 2000 and 2500. I hate Seroquel. I did get on the scale and found I lost just over 2 pounds. Woo Hoo! I’ve started eating much better and exercise more. I plan to start looking like a male supermodel soon.

Gained Marriage Equality and Lost a couple of pound. I’d say it’s a damn good day.

A Question. Are my posts to long? Word is around that is a bad thing. Some will be inclined to say I should speak from the heart and not worry about it. I do speak from the heart but a major purpose of this blog is to educate others on bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. I don’t want to chase people away. Please give me your feedback.

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  1. Clay and I were both equally excited by the news, he asked, I said yes šŸ™‚ Maye we can dress shop together.For what it’s worth, I like the length of your posts, I feel like I’m able to understand the context of the points you’re making (and that would be sometimes lost as they are in other blogs that don’t provide that information).Alaric

  2. If you want somebody to like you ask them a question. It’s the not so hidden secret to good relations. Your blog is called, “How is Bradley?” so I would assume you’d let us know. Seems that’s the topic guy so carry on.We saw Dorothy’s play last night,”The Book of Liz”. Hope you and Maurice try to make it, I’m sure she’d love that and it would be helping another darling kid. All we can do is try!

  3. Bradley!How ironic I was just gushing over you in my blog and your amazing blog-candidness and you post about worrying about posts that are too long. Nooooo they are perfect! They are as long as you need them to be to share your story. Post on good man! (and congratulations too! hoo!)Also – because I can’t resist asking – perhaps the frantic scrolling up and down burned off some calories yesterday? šŸ™‚ Let me know – I could stand to burn a few extra myself.*hugs and a hoo!*Kim

  4. Naw, you’re blogs are not too long. They are highly readable. A good read I say.Congratz to you and to the State of California! I am a native Californian who departed some 18 years ago. I, however, still think of myself as a Californian. We take a lot of shit from other regions but it’s like Jim Morrison and The Doors said, “The West is the Best.”I imagine the snide comments regarding California are just basically spawn from envy. Love that Golden State!!I wish you and your partner the best. Should be a helluva wedding;).

  5. Thank you all for your feedback. Because of the information I am trying to convey I would have a difficult time making my posts shorter.At the same time it is extremely important to me that I reach as many as possible to educate about mental illness. I’m glad to hear that you all believe I’m doing it in the best way.

  6. I’m a little late with my reply, but your posts are perfect in length. And you make them easy to read by using paragraphs. Quite a few bloggers could learn from your style.

  7. [feedback] They are not too long. However, the odd short post now and again helps to break things up, visually. It’s good to have a mix. [/feedback]ps. your excitement is very endearing!

  8. You go head with your bad self. Congrats on the few pounds you lost. Keep it up and you will be losing more in no time.I don’t think your blog is long at all. Also congrats on the courts decision. I think it’s great. šŸ™‚ Take care

  9. Your post lengths are fine. I know about medicine weight gain, had the same problem with Paxil. 60lbs. Yeesh. I’m glad California went the way they did. – J

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