It’s Good to Be Back

Hand In Writing PositionYes, it is good to be back. I feel that so much has changed in my world since my earliest posts that this blog should reemerge with a fresh new look and feel. I hope ya’ll like  it

 I missed my little blog here. I was shocked when I looked back and saw that this blog was at its finest back in 2008. That’s five years ago! It honestly seems like it was just a few months ago. Five years is ancient in the blogosphere, where the average blog lasts approximately two years. Many of my old blogging friends are gone. At one time I had twenty-six blogs listed on my blogroll. Today there are only five left. Some, like Susan from Wellness Writer, said goodbye on their final post. Others, like Crotchety from Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars, never said goodbye. Like others he just stopped writing one day. Vanished.

Every Wednesday Crotchety use to post a picture and ask people to give their “caption” in the comments section. Not necessarily original (Johnny Carson use to do it on the Tonight Show,) but it was always funny. In Crotchetys’ honor I’m going to start doing that on Wednesdays now. I’m certain he wouldn’t mind.

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  1. Like the new look. Blogs are a funny thing, we wrote our antique blog for a couple of years, and even had a decent following….Antiques Magazine even picked us as one of their blogs of the month once. But life gets in the way, your interests vary (look, the shiny!), and it’s easy to burn out. I’m glad that you’re back blogging and hope you have great fun!

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