Sound Familiar?

Sound familiar

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    1. It’s very sad, Pam. I know many people through support groups who deal with these kind of statements on a regular basis.

  1. I’m very lucky in that no one has ever said that to me. I have, however, said things like that to myself, including ordering myself to “man up” which is rather challenging for a woman. Mean me.

    1. Be grateful, Lora. I’m pretty lucky. I’ve been told these things, but not too often. I have friends who are mentally abused on a regularly basis by family members with these type of attitudes. As if having mental health problems wasn’t enough

  2. Oh yes, its so familiar. I also have been yelled at for not smiling for a stretch of time–I was depressed. I made an effort to smile for a family picture but it didn’t come across in the photo. Anyway, I don’t get the typical criticism anymore. These days I have the opposite problem–I work very hard for wellness and when depressed I work hard to function at as normal a level as possible. So now, my family is sometimes overly protective of me — they don’t want me to run myself into the ground. Thanks for the post, Bradley.

    1. I have a terrible time smiling for pictures even when I’m in the best of moods. LOL Thank you

  3. i’ve seen this post before somewhere…it is so true. you would never say any of that to a person with those illnesses. but it is said all the time by family, friends, providers, and yes, even by us patients.

  4. Heck, my own Father only just now believes that I just might have a fairly severe and chronic problem going on here. Like I am taking anti-psychotics for my health (well…I am, but…) He called it a “Life Choice” to have manic depression. Oh was I furious…..hadn’t been that mad a long time. He was lucky to be living in another state. I calmed down though about an hour later. That would be how my mood states are: very sneaky and agile.

      1. It took a lot of email “yelling” and stomping my feet, but I think he may get it now. He received a couple of no holds barred emails from me regarding Bipolar disorder, all types and manner of disorder, reminders that he had made me a girl that wanted nothing more than to be like their Dad. And, explained that I haven’t hated him since I was 1.5 yrs old, and I told him I hated him.Like a little kid truly knows what hate means. Besides, a lot of what kids say should be taken with a few grains of salt……

        But, seriously, it has taken nearly 14 years to get this far…… maybe the passing of my last grandparent two years ago made him snap that neither of us are getting younger, either way, I did tell him that we were both grownups acting like deranged children. 🙂

    1. that is exactly how the moods are–sneaky, overwhelming, and you never know how long they’ll take you over before disappearing without a trace.

      1. That’s what is happening right now. I am being covertly attacked by depression disguised as Seasonal Affective Disorder (which I know I do not have). They may be sneaky, but I have lived with them longer than they know, because I can usually figure it out and fix it. It almost sounds like they are little beings that run around wreck stuff 🙂

            1. i agree! ps did you see the twilight zone classic episode–william shatner just released from a psych hospital, on a plane home, sees ‘gremlin’ out window on wing sabotaging plane. no one believes him bc he just got out of a psych hospital. classic episode.

              1. I remember that episode! What a long time ago that was?I used to get together with other Trekkies in my teens to watch… was great! We were all totally weird in our own ways……Thanks for the little jolt of a great memory 🙂

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